By Jeff Baird

I will never get used to the wonder of Reiki. Bob Dylan said, “I just know what I know” in ‘False Prophet,’ and it’s kind of the same with me and Reiki – I just know what I know.

Today, I got to hear another amazing Reiki story from a friend who I had sent Reiki to last night from a Distance. Great things can happen when someone is open to receiving the healing energy. Reiki can do no harm but it gently brings things to the surface that we need to let go. When we try to hang onto things that no longer serve our best interests is when we get into trouble. We must learn to let go. We forgive. We forgive others and we forgive ourselves. Reiki is a deep healing.

Everyone always tells me how light they feel after a Reiki session, whether it’s in-person or from a Distance. I heard it again today. We feel lighter because Reiki helps us let go of things that are weighing us down and holding us back. We let go and then we soar.

There is no shortage of situations in today’s world where Reiki can help out. Reiki is love and God knows we need more of that about now. We were told a long time ago to “Love one another.” Guess we’re slow learners. Hate is alive and well, always has been and will be for some time to come. But, Love is still the most powerful force in the world.

I get to see Reiki’s healing love in action whenever I share it with someone. I hear things like I heard today. The beauty of Reiki is that the practitioner benefits as much from a session as the one receiving the energy. Reiki is a higher vibration and lifts us up. It’s amazing. I just know what I know. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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