By Jeff Baird

Just a few minutes ago I watched an old video of the Rolling Stones performing ‘Just my Imagination’ (Running Away with Me). This was after a day with a lot of driving and satellite radio on in my Jeep. It was a full day with music mixed in with the latest breaking news. I have always considered myself somewhat imaginative and creative, but there is no way I could make up the multitude of things that are happening globally on a daily basis. It’s not just my imagination by a long shot.

The news gives me an endless list of places to send Reiki. Yes, you can send Reiki to situations, and it can have a dramatic effect. I’ll never forget when my Dad said the following words to me on the phone one day. “Hey, before I let you go, those prayers or whatever it is that you’re sending down here… Keep it coming! I think it’s helping.” My jaw hit the floor with a huge thud when I heard him say that. Tears filled my eyes as I realized that he really did feel the love that I was sending him from a distance. I have been blessed with so many amazing conversations with others about their results from a Reiki session. But, my Dad’s comments are right at the top of that list.

My Dad was well into his 80’s and there was really no point in bringing up Reiki to him. It’s a long story. It would have been wasted energy and I like to be energy efficient. Reiki will do that to you! He was in so much pain that I couldn’t help but send him and the situation as much Reiki as possible.

There are so many of us who are sending Reiki to situations around the world, and it’s making a difference. Love’s vibration is so much higher than hate. The more of us who are praying and/or sending love to the news of the day are helping us get through this together. We are all connected and we need to focus our attention on lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Our collective consciousness is indeed a real thing. This is why it’s so important for us to pay attention to our thoughts; always coming from a place of love and allowing hate to boil in its’ own oil.

Jesus said, “Love one another.” When I hear stories of those who are sacrificing and suffering so much I send Reiki their way. When we work with the stars and the planets, we are able to expand our energy and make a bigger impact than even we may realize. When we reach for higher sources, many Great Ones are paying attention to our actions and ready to help us with our efforts to heal the world – one soul at a time.

When it comes right down to it, I believe there is no such thing as one person sending Reiki. Because the Reiki practitioner will always draw the attention of God’s massive army of angelic helpers when sending the healing energy. This is why I always say, “Healing is a Team Effort.” The recipient of the energy must be open to receiving. A person’s willingness is almost as important as the energy itself. It’s a team effort.

I call my many loving Guides, “The Team.” They are always there for me. It’s up to me to tune into the silence and follow their gentle lead. They are so patient with me. Their love gives me strength as I feel their presence during a Reiki session or any other time when I find the silence within.

Sending Reiki to situations like the news is an example of prayer in action. We pray for each other and we pray for the magnificent power of Reiki healing. May it keep us at a higher vibration as we attract the love back that we are sharing with others. Take care of yourself. We need you.

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