By Jeff Baird

I have always been a big believer in the power of momentum. Whatever work I am doing, momentum always comes into play. Momentum creates bigger and better opportunities. Everything is energy and momentum is the ultimate example of a powerful flow of energy that continues to grow and expand with an increasing force.

I am a big basketball fan and have seen momentum determine game outcomes more times than I can remember. I also used to coach my son’s basketball team and was always looking for ways to create momentum. How does a team that is down by 18 points come back and take the lead by 2 points? Momentum.

Our entire universe is infinite energy that is always expanding. The only constant is change; whether it’s a change in thinking or a change in a star’s orbit. We’re here because of momentum. We have been blessed beyond belief with gifts like the Hebble Telescope that show us images that are hard to fathom when we’re all wrapped up in whatever we’re dealing with at the moment.

We may be like a grain of sand but our thoughts are so much more. We pay attention to our thoughts, not allowing them to run down all the possible rabbit trails. It’s wasted energy. Instead, we keep them close to our hearts and become energy efficient, not wasting our energy on destrucitve thoughts.

It is so important for you and me and all of mankind to move forward – no matter what. Our collective consciousness will determine our momentum. God has given us the amazing gift of free will and it’s a responsibility that we should not take lightly. We’re here for a reason and one of the main reasons is so that we can move forward and create momentum in order to reach our true self.

Reiki has given me the opportunity to witness healing momentum countless times. The sky is the limit when it comes to Reiki assisting one on their path to wellness. Reiki creates momentum as it heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have had the honor of working with people who were in great pain when they first came to see me. Some had long lists of requests from Reiki. That list gets smaller as a person rides their own personal wave of momentum that they believed in and worked for. They believed in their wellness and the results speak for themselves.

To really heal takes a great deal of effort and is a ride not to be missed. We heal as we leave behind things that no longer serve our best interests. We feel lighter as we release baggage that used to weigh us down. It can be so heavy!

We become spiritually stronger as we create momentum by healing areas that need to be healed and then moving onto the next challenge. We are patient with our growth and urgent with our actions. Momentum determines outcomes. God Bless You on your journey. Enjoy the ride.

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