By Jeff Baird

Last weekend I stained our redwood deck. Whenever I do it, different joints and muscles usually scream at me a bit because they’re hurting afterwards. As I finished the deck, I could hear the little screams starting to increase in volume as I headed to the shower.

My daughter Sarah is also a Reiki Master. When my first Reiki Master attuned her to Level I he commented on how powerful her energy felt. She calls it “Heat.” I call it a “Blast” of Reiki whenever I send Distance. I texted her and told her I would gladly accept any Distance Reiki from her if she was open to the idea. It was Mother’s Day and I told her not to worry about it until she could make time. She made time shortly after I sent her the text. I was so grateful.

Call it “heat” or call it a “blast.” Call it whatever you want. I call it amazing. Reiki’s healing energy is something I will never take for granted or get used to. Also, I’m not used to receiving Distance Reiki as I’m usually the one sending it. This year is the first time that I have stained the deck and had no pain the next day. I attribute that to Sarah’s heat.

It’s a big deck and I don’t like to use a sprayer. I brush on the stain. Without fail I am always sore the next day. Or, I should say I used to be sore the next day. Not anymore. Thanks to some good ole Distance Reiki. Sarah is on speed dial.

I felt it immediately as she sent the Reiki my way. Something had occupied my mind at the time, and I was busy putting things away. Then the heat moved in. I immediately stopped what I was doing, sat down and received God’s magnificent energy. It was a really special moment for me because I’m not used to receiving. I lost all sense of time and savored the warmth and comfort that was taking over my situation.

Whenever I do receive the energy it always takes me back to the early days of my Reiki journey. I just couldn’t believe it. How could this energy be real? How come it’s not more accepted in more places? Today, Reiki is in many hospitals, hospice and and a lot of other places. But, the world needs Reiki now more than ever. I’m blown away yet again by Reiki’s healing powers.

On a side note… Has it ever been any more obvious that we are indeed all connected?Distance Reiki proved that fact to me. COVID-19 is a direct slap in the face for anyone who still doesn’t believe that we are all One.

There was another time that I received Reiki from a Distance. My Dad had just died and I asked some of my students for some Distance please. I was working in the yard when Lori sent the energy to me. It stopped me in my tracks and again I sat down, received and enjoyed the healing moment. It put a big smile on my face. I was so grateful.

My clients and friends talk about the warmth of Reiki, and how well they sleep after receiving Reiki from a Distance. I have been a part of many incredible healings from a Distance. But, the warmth and good night’s sleep seem to be the two constants in every Distance session.

The word, “Distance” has taken on a whole new meaning these days. If you are in any kind of pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, give Distance Reiki a try. You have nothing to lose but the pain. I wouldn’t lie to you. Reiki is as true as true gets.

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