By Jeff Baird

My thoughts and prayers are with the children whose only safe haven and food came from their school. I think of the families staying at home in a space that is not large enough for them. There’s really not enough space for everyone to live there. Before COVID-19, and they were all working, they made it work somehow. It’s not working so well right now. Tensions are high.

Family members who used to just see each other in passing are now able to really get to know each other. Instead of allowing my mind to think of all of the painful situations out there, I send healing energy to the world every night and it makes me feel better. Like I’m making a difference. It feels good.

The feedback that I get from people who receive Reiki from me is something I will never get used to. It’s so powerful, so I know it’s helping the world in many ways because there is a bunch of us doing it. We’re all making a difference with our Thoughts & Prayers.

Our Thoughts and Prayers from the heart raise the vibration of the planet. The energy is received by God and then He passes it on to our Higher Sources, His massive army of angelic helpers. There are many Super Beings who are always there to help us. But, our vibration must be high in order to get anywhere near their same wavelength. Dark moods take us away from Higher Sources. This is why it is so important for us to pay attention to our thoughts and prayers.

Even though I have never written a word with heart shapes in the letters, I think Reiki should have a heart over each ‘I’ because REIKI is LOVE. And, Love is still the most powerful force in the world.

Love one another. Love yourself. Allow it in to be a part of your day even if it just starts with a brief moment. Leave the door open for Love. You’ll have amazing company. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this beautiful night. Be Well.

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