By Jeff Baird

I have always been fascinated by our sense of smell. During the day I represent the global leader of scent delivery solutions. My gratitude runs very deep for still being one of the lucky ones with a job. Plus, our company is rocking! I’ll tell you a couple of reasons why.

Did you know that 75% of the emotions we generate every day are from what we smell? Isn’t that amazing? The first two things we notice when we walk into a room are the temperature and the smell. Breathing in a safe, soothing scent is very popular these days as you can probably imagine. Studies show that scent improves our moods by 40%. There’s no harm in feeling better.

Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense and was highly developed when we needed it for survival way back in the day. Loved ones who have passed on use the power of scent when they want to be noticed. I can always smell my mom when she is near. There is not another smell like it. It’s kind of similar to smelling Lilacs in the Spring after a rain.

We had a man who had passed away in our first home. He had body odor. There was a similar smell when we moved into our current mountain home. He always showed up strong when my daughter was here. I finally had to call in the big guns and send him on his way. It was time for him to go and he didn’t like it, but he understood. There was a new energy in the house coming from a Reiki Master. He didn’t mean any harm but I was not happy with how his presence scared my beautiful daughter. So, he had to go and so did his smell.

When I was still doing face-to-face Reiki treatments, clients would tell me how much they liked the way my room smelled. I know how powerful scent is and I want recipients of Reiki to be as relaxed and comfortable as they can possibly be. Having a pleasant, welcoming scent in a space raises the vibration of the room. We just feel better when we walk into a room that smells inviting. You know it when you smell it.

If someone is anxious, you can smell it in the air too. You can’t miss it. Many are under so much stress today and my sincere hope is that they are experiencing pleasant smells in their homes. I would love to give them all a fresh scent that has notes of comfort, peace, hope and safety.

Take care of yourself. We’re all in this together. We’ll help each other get through this, one moment at a time.


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