By Jeff Baird

When you love someone and they’re in pain, you feel that pain. It hurts. You feel it at a deep level because you love them. You also share in their joy when they are happy. You feel connected in a special way to that person. You bite your tongue instead of finishing their sentences because you know what they are thinking, and what they are probably going to say. You feel them and they feel you.

You may have spent some together in another life. Who knows? But, from the first moment when you met them, you felt like you had known them your entire life. There was such a connection and it continued years later. When you lose them, you lose a connection. It can feel like you lost a part of your self with them when they left.

This is why making the most of every God given moment is so important. We learn to love one another and do all that we can to help each other rise during challenging times. This is what Love does. It is still the most powerful force in the world. We rise above the pain. We rise.

I lost both of my parents during the month of April. With everything that has been going on, I have had these special moments when I’m thinking about my mom and dad. I miss them more than I realized. So many years later, I’m so grateful for all they did for me. Easter was my mom’s favorite holiday. She loved Easter Sunday and so do I. Happy Easter! Rise!

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