By Jeff Baird

Recently, Melanie from Nassau University Medical Center contacted me for Distance Reiki after reading my article, “Sending Reiki to Situations,” in the Spring, 2020 issue of “Reiki News Magazine.” Melanie is on the front lines fighting CoVid-19 in East Meadow, New York.

Me and some friends, family members and students have been sending Reiki to Melanie, her co-workers, patients and the hospital as she requested in her first e-mail to me on March 28th.

She said, “I am an essential employee coming to work everyday to take care of my patients and be a supportive member of my unit. I am on a Behavioral Health unit and not on a medical floor, but I feel all the Negative energy and Fear throughout the building. Staff members and Patients are testing Positive all around. Nassau University Medical Center is the #1 CoVid Hospital in our County.

I was just reading your article about Sending Reiki to Situations in the Spring 2020 Magazine and Felt the Need to Email you. I’m writing to ask you to put out a Call to send healing and protection to my hospital and All its’ Patients and Employees.”

By the way, Melanie is a Level II Reiki practitioner. Her letter ended with this – “May My Light Shine Bright So Others May Find Their Way Out Of The Darkness.” My New Mantra. Thank You for your Time.”

The magnificent power of Reiki cannot be ignored. I have seen “the miraculous medicine for all diseases”* work its wonders countless times. Reiki always makes anything better by delivering Love & Hope, no matter what the situation is. Melanie emailed me an update last night. “Hello Jeff. Your Call For Energy is Working at its highest power! Our admits have been going down. We are Far from out of the woods but we are making our way in the right direction. Every Day staying Vigilant and Positive. Thank You. Be Well.”

*Mikao Usui, Founder of Reiki

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