By Jeff Baird

I just received the e-mail below from a woman on the front lines fighting the Corona Virus. I have many students, friends, and family members in the Reiki Community. If you can, please help us by sending Distance Reiki to this situation. And/Or, please send prayers of healing and comfort to all of our brothers & sisters who need our help right now. All Hands on Deck! Thank You so much for your help. God Bless You.

Hello Mr. Baird

Hope this email finds you well.

I am an Art Therapist and a Reiki ll Practitioner at a large county hospital in Long Island NY. Our Hospital serves many local towns and a lot of underprivaged populations.

Nassau University Medical Center is the #1 Trama Center but it is Now # 1 Covid Hospital in Our County

I am an essential Employee Coming to Work everyday to take care of my patients and be a supportive member of my unit. I am on a Behavioral Health unit not on a medical floor, But I feel all the Negative energy and Fear though out the building. Staff members and Patients are testing Positive all around.

I was just reading your article about Sending Reiki to Situations in the Spring 2020 Magazine and Felt the Need to Email you. I’m writing to ask you to put out a Call to send healing and protection to my hospital and All It’s Patients and Employees.

Nassau University Medial Center
East Meadow Ny

“May My Light Shine Bright So Others May Find Their Way Out Of The Darkness”~ My New Mantra

Thank You for your Time.

Best Regards,
Melanie B

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