By Jeff Baird

I remember hearing some people talk about a protective bubble before I knew anything about how visualizations and energy worked. I thought they were nuts and just dismissed the notion of any protective bubble. But, then I saw the power of the protective golden bubble that I put around everyone who saw me for Reiki sessions.

The protective bubble is a real thing. For many, I’m stating the obvious. Massage therapists, chiropractors, hospice workers, nurses, dental hygienists, Reiki practitioners, lawyers and psychologists have all shared with me that they use the golden bubble for protection every day. I’ve also heard why the protective bubble is needed for these wise souls.

I will never get used to witnessing the strength of those who are dealing with such painful challenges in their daily lives. Reiki has introduced me to some of the most amazing souls walking the Earth. There are so many people and animals who have been led to me and vice versa. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed.

Everything begins with a single thought. Everything. It is important for us to pay attention to our thoughts – especially during times of crisis. Our thoughts become part of the global consciousness, and play a role in the energy of our world. So, it’s important that we remember to pay attention to our thoughts and not allow them to run away from us. We keep them close to our heart and focus on love.

There’s already plenty of fear and hate and all the rest out there. Don’t let it consume you. Protect yourself and take good care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is really good for protection too. It helps with everything.

The protective golden bubbles that I get to see are blasted with Reiki. My clients and friends are used to hearing me talk about my “blasts.” I might say something like, “I’m going to send you a blast in 10 minutes.” Even though there is no space or time, I still like to let people know when the energy is headed their way. This gives them time to take a breath, kick back, enjoy and receive. And, I always wrap the recipient of Reiki up in my “Reiki Comforter,” and then the golden bubble to seal all that good energy in.

The beauty of the golden bubble is that anyone can do it. Just close your eyes and visualize a golden bubble around you. It’s that simple. During these interesting times it’s important that we stay grounded, yet feel light and see the golden bubble around us for protection. Remember, everything begins with a single thought. Everything.

Try falling asleep while seeing yourself in the golden bubble and just kind of floating along. Bouncing with Good Energy. Never go to sleep angry or afraid. Always take a few moments to find the peace within as you fall asleep. It will affect your sleep as well as the next day.

During the day, others will pick up on that positive energy of yours and you will raise their vibration as well. Positive vibes in a protective golden bubble do amazing things when it comes to helping people and animals feel better. I get to see it in action everyday.

The Protective Golden Bubble (PGB) brings strength, confidence, a sense of safety and direction. I could tell you many true stories of how powerful my experiences have been with visualizations of golden bubbles and other healing tools. Never underestimate the power of your intentions. We all have the gift of visualization and have the power within to focus on the positive rather than the negative. We really are who we think we are.

Be safe. Love one another. Love yourself and pack the protective golden bubble with you on your journey. Safe travels brothers and sisters.

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