By Jeff Baird

I have had the honor of sharing Reiki with many brave souls who survived sexual abuse and are committed to leaving the darkness behind as they journey into the light. These brave souls humble me with their strength and determination. The people I have worked on are between the ages of 15-70. Regardless of their ages, they have all endured hell here on Earth, and have become masters at releasing anything that is holding them back from living the lives that they so richly deserve. Reiki helps them with releasing.

In a society that is so obsessed with glamorizing deviant behavior, those who have survived sexual abuse have had many mountains to climb. And, climb they have, reaching higher levels of wellness as Reiki helped them heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki always brings three things to any situation – Peace, Love & Hope. The Big 3. These survivors embrace The Big 3 and make their way by enjoying the little victories along the way.

Some of the comments shared with me from sexual abuse survivors include:

“Reiki has such a gentle touch. It makes me want to cry tears of happiness.”

“I saw God holding my baby who I lost so many years ago. Finally, I know that she is with God and she is alright. I have wondered and worried for years, but now I know that she is safe. I saw her while I was on your table.”

“Isn’t it amazing that the human hand can be used as a weapon or as a healer. I have been hit so many times… This is a really nice change. Thank You.”

“I feel so comfortable over here. It’s not easy for me to feel comfortable anywhere.”

“He tried killing me and then he killed himself.”

“For years I haven’t been able to experience a full night of restful sleep. But, that was before Reiki. Now, I sleep like a baby.”

“I’m not afraid anymore.”

“I was just a kid and he was so big and so strong. I was afraid to fight back. I thought I would get in trouble if I told others. He threatened me every time.”

You never know what another person is dealing with. This is why random acts of kindness are always so welcome. The sexual abuse survivors who I have had the honor of helping, welcome Reiki with open arms. Reiki is the highest form of unconditional love, coming directly from the source of all living things. It is so powerful and can be a shock to the system for someone who has not felt love before. But, with it’s gentle ways, Reiki soothes the soul and brings feelings of warmth and safety. We all like to feel safe and warm.

“In love and light, Reiki pushed the pain away. My past did not change, my future did. For the first time ever, I learned that I could keep that love and light with me every day. I am forever grateful to Jeff and his use of Reiki to help me find my own peace.” CL, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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