By Jeff Baird

I remember the first time I saw a vision during a Distance Reiki session. The sensation was new to me, but I decided to trust it, follow the guidance and incorporate it into the treatment. I could see these spinning balls of energy that looked like large rings. Today, they are a regular part of my Reiki sessions and I call them my “Saturn Rings.”

During that first session with the Saturn Rings, I saw them move up and down, inside and outside of my client’s sore knees. This was from a distance. The next day she shared her enthusiasm with me on how her knees felt better than they had in many years. She said she had never experienced such an intense energy before.

These rings of healing show up in my Visions of Reiki on a regular basis now as I partner with them to remove pain from any part of the body. Watching them move up and down and sideways is one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed. They also kind of remind me of those large, spinning cleaning balls that some car washes have that are so effective in removing dirt and grime. Like these spinning balls, my Saturn Rings clear out the pain and help the Reiki recipient feel shiny and new again.

“Jeff, you have had tremendous success with me. Isn’t that amazing to be reaching me from so far away (just a thought away). I was in a bad way before you sent healing powers to my knees…I haven’t experienced any pain since you started and I am up and down these 3 and 4 flights of stairs all day long chasing a 3-year-old with a 3 month old in my arms. I am so grateful. I love the visualization of Saturn rings; this gives me something to continue to imagine and keep the healing light right there – always. Thank you so much! Sending love back to you!”

-Pam Knock, Orlando, FL

I love partnering with Reiki and using the visions as enhancements to a Reiki session. Other visions and spiritual tools that I have seen and use on a regular basis include the “Reiki Shower,” “Helping Hands,” “The Master Lounge Chair,” “Spiritual Campfire” and “Reiki Comforter” to name a few.

The Reiki Shower is like a giant shower head that sprays this magnificent light that clears and heals at a very deep level. The Reiki Shower has helped me during sessions for prostrate cancer, kidney stones, respiratory illnesses, flu, colds and a number of other ailments that needed to be cleared and washed away, down the drain. Busting up a kidney stone into dust was one of my most memorable sessions with The Reiki Shower.

I first saw the Helping Hands when we were working on a woman who was missing a kidney and having issues with her other one. They look like finger painting hand prints. The first time I saw them, they appeared over each of her kidney areas during a distance session. They were holding her up, giving her strength and providing much needed support. The results are always dramatic when the Helping Hands appear on the scene.

The Master Lounge Chair is just like it sounds. It’s the Master Symbol that my distance clients can lean back into and float with – light as a feather. We place the person in the chair at the end of their session and allow them to lean back and absorb the magnificent power of the Master Symbol as it washes away their pain while they float on a higher level, so much lighter after releasing whatever was weighing them down. People always tell me how much lighter they feel after a Reiki session, and there’s a good reason for that.

The Spiritual Campfire is an opportunity for my Reiki recipients to sit closely with the Holy Fire flame as they warm up to their new feelings of total comfort. The Holy Fire flame is so powerful and sitting around the campfire with it can be a life changing experience as it cleanses and purifies at the deepest levels.

My Reiki Comforter is a very light, multi-layered sheet or comforter that features each of the symbols that I work with on each level. Near the end of a Reiki session, I wrap my client in the comforter as it keeps all of that good energy in. Sometimes, I have seen it transform into a scarf, jacket or full length coat. Regardless of it’s form, the Reiki Comforter always delivers the very highest levels of peace and comfort. The comforter is seen with the third eye and is not a physical blanket.

Early on in my Reiki journey, I wasn’t tuned into these powerful visions that are now just a normal part of my sessions. I didn’t know what I didn’t know yet. My spiritual guides send me these insights and gently nudge me to follow their guidance.

I first started seeing what I was believing during the time that I studied with a Master Shaman. She showed me that the only limitations on healing are the ones that we place on ourselves. I never grow tired of the amazing visions that I get to experience and share with others. These visions have taken my enjoyment of Reiki, along with the results from a session to a much higher level. Believe & Receive.

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