By Jeff Baird

Beware of spiritual posers – those who talk such a big game. But, when it comes to actually walking the talk and living a spiritual life, they have no interest. They know all the buzzwords and may even drop a “Namaste” or a “Sat Nam” on you. But, in reality, they are more concerned with how they look in trying to impress you with all of their doublespeak. These imposters can do great harm with their manipulations and misrepresentations of what a spiritual person really is.

A true spiritual person is committed to lifting others up, not tearing them down. Dark forces can use posers as tools to take you off course, away from the most essential and mislead you into darkness and confusion. Beware. Trust your gut feeling. That’s God whispering in your ear. If something doesn’t look or feel right to you, it probably isn’t.

I have worked for pathological liars who actually believed their own bullshit. One asked me to make a call on his behalf and lie about his son being killed in a car wreck outside of the country, so that he could get out of attending a meeting. Another hated his wife’s brother so much that he had an affair with his sister-in-law. These were high profile individuals who came across so smooth as they told you what you wanted to hear while twisting a knife in the middle of your back.

There is good and bad in everything, including in the spiritual world. I have been misled by some who claimed to have the gift of connecting to Higher Sources for readings that they shared with me. They took my money but did not take away my commitment to actually walking the talk as a healer. Sometimes, these posers can also be disguised as that perfect opportunity that you have been waiting for. Beware. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I can’t help but think of that old saying, “Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.”

When I first started on this healing journey, I thought I needed to join as many online healing groups as possible to learn from others. It wasn’t long before I excused myself from many groups because I was so appalled at some of the nonsense that I saw being spewed on a regular basis. Again, there is good and bad in everything. There are many fantastic social media groups that are committed to the healing work and spreading joy, beauty, love and hope with their messages. These groups I hold dear to my heart. Reiki Rays Community Group is one of my favorites. God Bless all of You.

I could give more examples of spiritual posers. But, that is not the reason behind this article. The words you are reading were inspired by a dear friend who just learned some hard lessons from one of the best posers I have ever seen. Oh, did she talk a big game! Huge game! I can feel the pain that my friend is feeling and must rely on one of Reiki’s precepts – “Just for today, do not anger.” Thank You Dr. Mikao Usui for the gentle reminder.

There are different levels to everything including spiritual awareness. If you are receiving a reading from someone who is not connected to The Highest, beware of being misled. Before you contact a spiritual healer, please do your homework. Check references. Ask others for input and trust your gut feeling. All of the “Namaste’s” and “Sat Nam’s” spoken mean nothing if there is not a genuine commitment to helping you that is firmly embedded behind those words.

As alternative healing methods continue to expand around the world, unfortunately there will be more and more posers. Karma will take care of them. In the meantime, please take care of yourself and keep searching for the truth as you strive to become one with your Higher Self.

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