By Jeff Baird

Some years ago I was contacted by a medical intuitive who has her own well established healing business. She is also related to a high profile, internationally renowned healer who has been featured on many major media outlets. When she first contacted me I was skeptical. This was fairly early on in my Reiki journey.

I was amazed, somewhat confused and flattered that she had reached out to me. Considering her impressive background, understanding of alternative healing methods, not to mention her family members, why in the world was she calling me?
I asked her how she heard about me and why she was contacting me. “My Guides kept telling me that I needed to connect with some Jeff guy in Colorado. Then, my issue of ‘Reiki News Magazine’arrived and I saw one of your articles, and here I am.” She was one of the first people to purchase Distance Reiki sessions from me. Later that year she flew in to take one of my Reiki classes. What a great time that was.

She had some health challenges and was facing multiple surgeries in the near future. At first, I was somewhat intimidated by her and wondering if I could deliver the results she was looking for. I kept hearing from my Guides, “Just do what you do.” She gave me confidence and indirectly taught me to trust the visualizations and gentle nudges that I receive when sending Reiki.

I always say “healing is a team effort,” and this is a perfect example. She was healing from our Distance sessions, and I was learning so many new things. I felt that I needed to raise the bar considering her credentials. This was the first time that I incorporated a healing attunement into a Reiki session. The results were significant, and then I started using healing attunements for all of my sessions. Why wouldn’t I?

The number 7 is a highly spiritual number and one that I use frequently. During one of my meditations that I created for Reiki classes, I ask the students to say, “I am the Light of The World” 7 times. When I work with the Holy Fire flame, I move it up and down 7x for cleansing before it flickers throughout the Reiki recipients’ entire being, cleansing at a very deep level. I also work with 7 symbols during all of my sessions.

When I do a healing attunement on a person or animal’s crown, I draw the 7 symbols and watch them expand. The 7 symbols include Power, Emotional, Distance, Master, Holy Fire, Rising Star and Christ Consciousness. The Rising Star symbol is one that was given to me recently from Higher Sources, and Christ Consciousness is drawn with the sign of the cross.

I first started using the sign of the cross when I was a part of a very intense healing. The person on my treatment table had been abused throughout her childhood and was raised by parents who worshipped darkness. Watching her release so much pain and trauma was like nothing I had ever experienced before. As I was drawing the symbols on her head for a healing attunement, I was nudged to seal everything up with the sign of the cross. From that moment forward, I have used all 7 symbols in my healing attunements.

When I gave a healing attunement to another customer for the first time, she told me later that she could hear clicking sounds as I drew the symbols. Then, she said, “Were you using some kind of symbols?” I was blown away by her question. I told her that I had been working with 7 sacred symbols and asked if she could draw one for me. She said, “I can’t really draw them or describe them, but I knew that they were there.” Others often tell me of the brilliant colors they see as I draw the symbols.

Healing attunements are so powerful. Sometimes, I start a session with one or I may end it with a healing attunement. Other times, I do them in the middle of the treatment. It just depends on how I am led. But, whether I do a healing attunement at the beginning, middle or end of a session, the results are always significant.

At times, I watch as a symbol transforms into endless streams or beads of the symbol running through the recipient’s bloodstream. Other times the symbol may penetrate the person or animal like a soft cloud. It can be challenging to put into words the visions that I may see. Usually, before a healing attunement, I will place the Holy Fire flame on the heart and watch it expand into many brilliant flames or one big one that keeps expanding. As powerful as Holy Fire is, I like to have my bases covered and incorporate a healing attunement no matter what the situation may be.

I always do healing attunements on students fairly early during my Reiki classes too. This raises the vibration of the group and gets us closer to where we need to be. I have also performed healing attunements on myself periodically. Sometimes, I draw the symbols. Other times, I may just visualize them being drawn on my head.

When performing a healing attunement, it is our intentions partnering with Higher Sources that makes them so powerful. Healing is indeed a team effort, and my healing attunements include 7 key members of the team who do the heavy lifting for me. Healing attunements have taken my Reiki sessions to a much
higher level. For that, I am eternally grateful.

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