By Jeff Baird

I have had the honor of working with Shamans and other very gifted healers who taught me many invaluable lessons. I am eternally grateful for their generosity and encouragement. They gave me confidence and made me a believer of my own healing abilities. During every one of our conversations and consultations, they emphasized the importance of trusting my intuitions. These seasoned healers have many gifts and have generously shared their wisdom with me and taught me to trust at a much higher level. They humble me with their many talents and inspire me to always keep learning. We are never too old to learn new things.

Higher Sources are always a part of these meetings. Early on, I learned to welcome them and allow their guidance during every one of my Reiki sessions. As I started to trust more, the results from my treatments went to another level. Recipients of the healing energy share remarkable stories with me of the brilliant colors they saw, visiting loved ones who had passed on, visions of Christ, new messages heard and beautiful scenes they had visited as they were on the treatment table, or receiving Distance Reiki from me in the comforts of their own home. I never grow tired of hearing about these visions and healing experiences.

Some of the people who contact me for Reiki sessions have their own healing businesses, and I am honored that they have reached out to me. I always ask people how they heard about me. I hear things like google, social media and referrals on a regular basis. Other things I have heard, include:
“My guides sent me to you.”
“I don’t know.”
“I have been carrying your article with me for months now, and finally decided it was time to call you.”
“I’m not sure. I feel like I was led to you somehow.”

It’s rare that someone contacts me for something as simple as a headache. The souls I have the honor of working with are healing from much deeper levels of pain. It has been my experience that the people who need to find me for their deep healing, do in fact find me. Over the years, I have advertised, attended expos and done many other things to attract Reiki clients. But, most of the people I work with aren’t sure how they found me, but they are happy that we connected. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario.

Many people don’t realize that Higher Sources are very active in our lives. When we learn to trust God and his massive army of angelic helpers, our view of the world changes. Their gentle touch and loving ways open our eyes to the bigger picture at hand. When we realize that we all really are connected, our outlook on world events changes dramatically.

Our communication lines with Higher Sources are clearest when we are operating as our higher self and leaving behind all things that do not serve our best interests. The Masters do not try to speak to us if we are consumed with worry, anger, resentments or any other destructive behaviors that are holding us back from progressing spiritually and embracing our life’s purpose. God speaks to us in the silence. We have to shut off all of the noise to hear His message. Some of my most powerful moments in prayer have been when I simply listened.

All timing is divine and just like they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The many teachers I have learned from showed up at the perfect time. In most cases, I’m not really sure how we connected either, but I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed. This article is a long overdue Thank You to the ones who have helped me so much. Some can be seen with the human eye, some cannot. But I could not do what I do, without their love, support and guidance.

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