By Jeff Baird

Last night we watched “America’s Got Talent” and The Silhouettes killed it with kindness. They are a dance group that does amazing visuals with shadows and brilliant choreography. I don’t watch much TV, but I do like to watch AGT. When The Silhouettes spelled out “Kindness,” it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Lynne Patton leads the group and is from the Denver area. Now, I love The Silhouettes even more.

Kindness is always in style. There have been acts of kindness by our fellow brothers and sisters during every war and tragedy that was the headline of the day. Today, acts of kindness are just as much appreciated by the recipient as they were during The Civil War or any other time when man’s vicious inhumanity to his fellow man was the news of the day. There has always been plenty of cruelty, but never enough kindness. That’s why acts of kindness are newsworthy. We’re not used to seeing that, are we?

These are stressful times. These are crazy, stressful times like we have never seen before. Many people are wound as tight as a knot. Reiki helps loosen that knot with its magnificent, kind and gentle touch. Don’t get pulled into all of the insanity out there that is considered normal behavior. I think I saw the new normal earlier today and it looked kind of like a runaway freight train. I think that’s what I saw. It all happened so fast. Know what I mean? Things happen so fast. Reiki can bring balance to any situation and help slow things down to the perfect pace for you.

Early on in my Reiki journey, I kept hearing Reiki Masters talk about trusting Reiki. At the time, I didn’t know what they meant. But today I do. I trust Reiki to help me navigate the road ahead. Reiki brings a warm feeling of pure love and comfort. If Reiki was a single person, he or she would be the kindest person you know. I guarantee it.

These are busy times for all of us and slowing down just long enough to commit an act of kindness might just change a person’s day or maybe even their life. Be Kind to one another. I have been blessed by many people’s acts of kindness over the years and some of these acts changed my life forever. No act of kindness is too small.

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