By Jeff Baird

I just turned 60. I know, it’s only a number and 60 is the new 40. I know. I’ve heard all about that. But it doesn’t change the fact that I have walked this here Earth for over 60 years. Well, 59 years is probably more accurate, since I think I walked at 12 months old. At 60, I’m but a grain of sand.

I remember somehow getting all tangled and wrapped up in a clothesline around my neck at about 3 years old and almost strangled myself by accident. I recall the feeling of terror and helplessness like it was yesterday. But it was about 57 years ago and I’m still here. Guess that makes me a survivor. We’re all survivors, aren’t we? Some more than others. I’ve met some survivors who made me realize what a sheltered life I have lived. Many have lived without ever having any shelter from the storm. (Thanks Bob.)

Many survivors came to me for healing when I was practicing Reiki full time. There were veterans, domestic violence survivors, child abuse survivors, rescued animals and so many others who healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My mission to heal the world one soul at a time was an experience that changed me forever. I have been humbled by the strength of so many survivors who showed me that the human spirit was meant to reach higher levels regardless of what life has dealt us. Survivors know what I’m talking about. Nothing can stop a person when they commit to something with every fiber of their being. It’s one of nature’s laws.

When the latest tragedy hits, I always think about the survivors and the road ahead for them. My prayers and distance healing make me feel better about the horrific situation that they just survived. I always figure it’s the least I can do. They have survived against all odds and those prayers will come in handy. Distance healing is prayer in action.

Survivors look at life differently than most. They realize how delicate life is and how quickly things can change. As a result, they have been forced to learn how to savor each moment. They are awake and aware of the moment at all times.

One night I shared Reiki with a group of women who were domestic violence survivors. As each one of them took their turn on my treatment table, I asked them to remember a time when they felt their absolute best. Reiki was going to help us bring that feeling to the surface – where it rightfully belonged.

I will always remember the response from one of the women as her eyes filled with tears and she told me when she felt her absolute best. “I was homeless and living in an alley. I had my mattress and my kitty. That’s when I felt my best.” Tears streamed down her face as she thought about her kitty who was no longer with her. This survivor didn’t know what was ahead for her as her stay in Colorado was only temporary. She had been shot multiple times and beaten by a coward who called himself a man. But, as she laughed and joked with the other women, I was confident that she would somehow survive once again. That’s what survivors do. I gave her a big hug and wished her well.

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