By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Committing to a spiritual life and then actually living it is not for the timid. Healers do The Work whenever they help someone on a treatment table or if they’re simply sitting at a table with others. One person with a high vibration can increase the positive energy of a group by just being there. We’re all connected after all. Distance healing, which is prayer in action, proved that to me. Everything is energy and we are all connected. This is why Reiki’s healing energy is so powerful and can be so impactful.

We also do The Work by avoiding lower energies that can keep us from doing our best work. If necessary, we walk away – for our own well-being. We do this with the understanding that we need to be channels for healing energy and everyone benefits when our energy pathways are clear of destructive or lower vibrations.

We always keep the best interests of those we help in mind. Will this situation help me or hurt me on my road to healing? If the answer is hurt, we go the other way and stay true to our higher selves. When I don’t do this is when I get into trouble. I prefer to live a trouble free life.

Trust your gut. That gut feeling is God whispering in your ear, and we hear best in the silence. Make time for one-on-one quiet time. Spend time with God. It’s time well spent. Don’t ask, just listen. There is great wisdom to be shared in the silence. But, we have to listen.

When we commit to service work as we serve mankind, Higher Forces and God, we always need to keep the big picture in mind. Will this moment help me on my personal journey or hurt me? Will it please God and his massive army of angels or not? There are no secrets really. This is why it is so important to stay true to our higher selves no matter what kind of work we are doing. I know of a man who changed the world and he was a carpenter.

I remember hearing in my Holy Fire Reiki Class that the new energy was always on, and was just a part of me now. There was no need for “Reiki on,” or “Reiki 3x” etc. to get the energy flowing. I had started moving more towards the intentional route when I channeled Reiki anyway, feeling that the important thing was my intention, not 3x or even 4x. I simply think about Reiki and the energy is always there. I am Reiki.

It’s comforting to know that the energy is just a part of me now 24/7. I keep this in mind whenever there is an opportunity to ignore the Reiki precepts of not getting angry and not worrying. I realized that worrying about something or getting angry is a complete waste of energy and an insult to Reiki and my Creator. I focus on The Work at hand. How may I serve? Please show me so that I may continue to do The Work.

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