By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Recently, I looked at the News section of my website, and was amazed at how many articles about Reiki I had written. I keep being told that I need to work on a number of books to chronicle the Reiki sessions I am involved with. As a result, new books have been front of mind for me. Compiling all of the articles from my website, along with some new material, seemed like a natural first step. I always loved greatest hits albums and kind of looked at this project the same way. Greatest Hits plus Bonus Material – Coming Soon!

I try to relate what I am experiencing with Reiki and share it on a regular basis through social media. A lot of things that happen with me and Reiki have not been written about yet. In some cases, I am still processing what took place on Reiki’s terms. Amazing stuff. This material will be in the new book. I’m always saying, “you can’t make this stuff up.” You can’t. The new book will not be fiction. I can promise you that.

Today, I was involved with another incredible healing experience. The strength of Reiki’s healing energy humbles me to the core. The married couple I am referring to are a prime example of my mantra, “Healing is a Team Effort.” They are living proof. I call them the power couple. They are both open to the endless possibilities that Reiki offers as it heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Their healing runs very deep as they are recovering from pain that nobody should ever have to experience in this life time. They were young, innocent children and endured hell here on Earth. They’re survivors, and I respect them so much. They are 70 years old now and releasing their pain to the light. It is an incredible thing to witness and why I will continue to write about my experiences with Reiki. You certainly can’t make this stuff up, and why would you? Reiki speaks for itself.

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