By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Stones, fossils and crystals have always fascinated me – now more than ever. When I was a little kid I was always looking at different rocks in search of fossils. Then, many years later, I got reacquainted with stones and crystals at a deeper level. Today, I’m Rockin’ with Reiki, and healing stones and crystals are just a part of me. When I use them during a Reiki session, we move together with a smoothness that is hard to explain. Like I said, they’re just a part of me.

I spent a great deal of time studying with a Master Shaman. She had an amazing selection of stones, and every time I would meet with her, I would ask questions about the ones I was drawn to. She also owned a rock shop, so I was like a kid again in a candy store. She had so many cool gems and fossils.

She recommended different stones to me for different reasons, and I was amazed at how they helped me by just being in my pocket. I was in awe of their power. Early on in my spiritual journey, she recommended Bloodstone for grounding and purification. She also had a big chunk of Bumblebee Calcite in our meeting room that I usually held during our discussions. The best way I can describe how the Bumblebee Calcite felt is “like butter.” She called it “yummy,” and a couple of years later, she gave it to me. It’s still one of my all time favorites, and my stone collection has grown considerably. I also own three rock tumblers. When it comes to stones and crystals, I’m all in.

Fossilized marine life creatures like the Orthoceras and Ammonite feel magnetic to me, as I am so drawn to them. I was first introduced to them during a 90 day leave of absence where I helped my wife heal, and reinvented myself to focus more on healing and less on the grind of corporate America. Transformation was my new mantra and these pieces helped keep me grounded and focused on the new mission at hand. Lots of shifts and changes were taking place then, and they continue today. I still like having an Ammonite in my pocket.

The first time I used a fossil during one of my Reiki treatments was when I put a small Orthoceras, no longer than two or three inches, on my wife’s lower back. I had received a download about these amazing pieces one night, and bought this small one the next day. She was experiencing tremendous lower back pain and I placed the Orthoceras right in the troubled area while she was lying on the treatment table.

Within seconds of having the Orthoceras on her back, she said, “Oh my God. It feels like it’s pulling the pain out.” At that moment, the “Mighty Ortho” became a fixture during my Reiki treatments. I have them in all sizes, including one that stands about four feet tall. Most of the ones I use during treatments are roughly five inches long.

I place the Orthoceras on knees, shoulders, on the bottoms of feet, and anywhere else where pain needs to pulled out. Reiki infused Orthos are very effective, and I hear many others talk about how it feels like negative energy is being drawn out of their bodies. They’re like little 400 million year old vacuum cleaners.

Our intentions are what make the addition of stones and crystals to Reiki treatments so powerful. One of my “go to’s” is the Ortho, but for you it might a completely different piece. As I have studied and learned about the healing properties of other stones and crystals, I have added them to my treatments as well. It is a fun and exciting learning experience as I try different pieces for different reasons.

My best advice for Rockin’ with Reiki, is to have fun with it. Learn about the different healing properties of stones and crystals and try new things. With Reiki’s incredible ability to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we don’t have to use anything else to complement the energy. But, I can tell you from personal experience that stones and crystals add a whole new element to my Reiki sessions. Rock on!

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