By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

There’s an Eternal Flame, a Holy Fire that cleanses, purifies and heals at a very deep level. I partner with it often during my Reiki treatments. When I was a kid, we called this power The Holy Ghost. When I got older, I called it The Holy Spirit.

Today, I call this force many things, but usually, I call it Reiki.  I also call it God. Master Creator of all things. Our Source of Life. The Christ. It’s unconditional Love at the very highest level. This Brilliant Light heals at the soul level. The Soul Star. Shining so bright. I am but a humble servant in the presence of Eternal Greatness.

It’s pure Love, and Love is the greatest force in the world. That will never change, no matter what is going on. The more hate I see, the more I realize how powerful Love is. I always capitalize the word because I like it to stand out. Love heals.

I work with the flame for a person or animal’s complete clearing and cleansing. This flame is often placed over the heart of the person I am working on. Before long, the flame fills their being with pure healing Love. Knees are about moving forward, and I work on a lot of knees. I place the flame over a person’s knees often, as well as on the bottoms of their feet. Their face beams with the warmth of the flame, and they feel so much lighter.

They feel lighter because the flame purified and dissolved things that were holding them back from living the life they deserve. It’s rare that someone doesn’t tell me how much lighter they feel. They learn to let it go, let it flow and let it be. Sometimes, it’s not easy to let go, but The Holy Fire flame makes it easier for us by showing us the way. Our job is to trust, follow and love one another.


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