By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I salute the Brave Survivors who have been to hell and back multiple times. They contact me for Reiki treatments, with the hope of finding some much needed and deserved peace. These amazing people have witnessed man’s vicious inhumanity to his fellow man – up close and personal. Those who were closest to them attacked them, and did everything they could to kill their spirit. But, they did not succeed. Their targets are now stronger because what they went through did not kill them.  They are Brave Survivors.

The Brave Survivors are stronger than most, and they humble me beyond words. Just the fact that they survived is so incredible to me. Domestic violence and sexual assaults are more common than you might think. Chances are you will walk by or drive by someone today who is a Brave Survivor. They quietly go about their day, as they piece their lives back together. Reiki helps them heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In a sex crazed society where love is twisted into another four letter word that is anything but love, there are many victims. Evil is evil no matter how it is packaged, distributed or accepted as the norm. I have met some of the casualties who I mentioned earlier. They are so brave and willing to heal. They know that they have been scarred, but they also know that Reiki brings hope and love to every situation – regardless of what it is. No matter how brutal or ugly the situation, Reiki can make things better. It always delivers for the Highest Good. Always.

We help heal the past as we shine a light for the future. We demonstrate that unconditional love really does exist. The Brave Survivors have seen the dark side, and now it’s time for them to experience the light. The brilliant, magnificent healing light that cleanses, purifies, balances and heals on all levels.

I cried a deep, soul level cry when a loved one shared with me how many times she had been assaulted. I had no idea. I lost my breath, and had to remember the importance of grounding as my emotions went into a tailspin from what I was hearing. She had seen such ugliness and brutality. She’s a Brave Survivor too.

I still haven’t completely processed everything I witnessed today with a person who came to see me for some comfort. The years and years of pain that she carried with her were released on my treatment table today. I saw it with my own two eyes. It was amazing to say the least, and the most intense Reiki treatment I have ever been a part of. I could probably write a book about it. That experience was the seed for this article, which could be much longer and more in-depth than it is.

Pain, regardless of its origin or form, operates at a very low frequency. Reiki’s brilliant light sends this low lying darkness on its way. You cannot fight darkness with darkness. Let there be Light for all of the Brave Survivors! God Bless You! What an honor it is to work with you.

As I was wrapping up this article, I received a text from the person who released a big part of her past on the treatment table today. She told me how much better she felt, and “like a huge weight had been lifted from me both emotionally and spiritually.” If you are a Brave Survivor, please consider Reiki to help you on your way. You are already so strong. Reiki will shine a light on that strength and bring it to the surface – where it rightfully belongs.

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