By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Tomorrow, many of us will celebrate the birth of a Living Legend – Alan Baird. He’s my son. Where do I begin? In no particular order, I thank you for so many incredible and memorable moments. You blowing the roof off of your high school with a performance that was beyond good. Anyone who was there knows what I’m talking about. It was so Kick Ass, that I’m at a loss for words. But, I’ll never forget it. I can promise you that. Or, you getting fouled behind the three point line, and drilling all of those free throws. No pressure. What a moment that was. I got a little fired up! Just a tad. So proud. I love coaching.

I’ve been so proud so many times. Living Legends make it look easy somehow. I don’t know how you do it. Being Alan Baird is surely a full time job. Watching you and the boys jam in So.Cal. suddenly came to mind. Highway. That song always just rocked. You guys were so good. I’m pumped that you’re doing the acoustic thing at the Mercury Cafe in May. That’s so cool. Can’t wait. I remember so many performances. Really good ones. Thank You for all of the musical memories. Hard Rock was awesome too. When you played S.O.B. I freaked out. It was so good.

I could talk about what an enormous heart you have. Your performances at weddings and funerals are something people will never forget. Alan Baird always delivers. You carried “Forever Young” at Sarah’s wedding, and I can’t thank you enough. I never had my fingers shake before when I tried to hold a simple D chord. That was something else. You sang your ass off. I swear. Thank You.

I could mention the gazillion times you have helped me out. Technical stuff, obviously. I always tell people I would still be watching a B/W TV if it wasn’t for Alan. THANK YOU! Let me say that again. It bears repeating. THANK YOU.

But, it doesn’t matter if it’s technical or not, you’re always there to help. “Want to help us move this weekend? We should knock it out in an afternoon.” Oh, okay. I’ve helped a lot of people move over the years too. It never happens in an afternoon. You know better than anyone. But, you have helped so many people.

Your strength is unbelievable. Seriously. I am in awe of how freaking strong you are – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You’re the real deal Son. It’s rare that someone possesses all of the admirable personality traits that you have. “Man of the Year Award” last year? I was like, “It’s about time!” The article was awesome, and so were the pictures. They did a good job of trying to capture you. Well done. But, you’re even better than the story.

Like Aaron says, “Alan Baird makes good guys look bad.”

Happy Birthday Alan! I promise no clowns this year. You won’t need to try and hide behind your hands. That was a few years ago. Thank You for all that you do, while staying true to the Alan Baird principles. You have some of my Dad running through your veins, and you definitely remind me just a little bit of another great guy – Jim Frazier, my Father-In-Law. Another Legend. You two are thick as thieves.

You’re a Man’s Man. I’m so proud of you and love you so much. Happy Birthday! Tell that crazy wife of yours and that beautiful daughter that they know what I’ve known for a lot longer. There’s only one Alan Baird, and we are so thankful for that. You’re larger than Life. But, you’re also very humble. Great combo.

Baird Survival Bags. What a great example of what you represent to all of us. A heartfelt Thank You. Enjoy your special day.



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