By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I am so grateful for the many things I get to experience while doing this amazing work.  This passion of mine is indeed a dream come true. It wasn’t that long ago when I wondered what it would look like to do Reiki full time for a living. At that time, I could not even imagine making the jump away from a steady paycheck. It’s been quite a ride. I walked away from 5 jobs in about 3 years before I committed full time to my new employer – Reiki. I love my work. My life before Reiki seems like another lifetime to me. I guess it was.

I’ve watched people going blind have their vision improve with Reiki. Numerous migraines have been eliminated by this healing energy. I’ve watched years and years of back pain disappear after two Reiki treatments in 60 days. I’ve seen childhood trauma disappear after one distance Reiki treatment. My “Reiki Shower” cleansed a man from a distance who was battling cancer. He spent most of the night in the bathroom as he allowed Reiki to purge the toxins from his body. I’ve seen nervous animals fall asleep from total relaxation as they received the spiritually guided life force energy. I have seen so many healings that my belief in Reiki could not run any deeper. But, then again, with Reiki, anything and everything is possible. My belief will probably run even deeper tomorrow.

Once you tap into this powerful universal life force energy that comes from the Source of all things, your life will never be the same again. I can promise you that much. Reiki is in the business of transformations. Lives change when Reiki gently moves into someone’s space. It doesn’t matter if the receiver of Reiki walks on two legs or four legs. The results will always be for their highest good as it heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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