By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I always ask my Reiki clients to remember when they felt their strongest. To recall a moment in their lives when they felt unstoppable; a time when they felt their absolute best. This feeling is within all of us as we bring The Strength Within to the surface, where it rightfully belongs. With Reiki’s gentle nudging, we bring this feeling back into the light, no matter how many years it has been dormant or forgotten altogether.

Today, I met a woman in her motel room, and performed an entire Reiki treatment on my knees as her bed was so low to the ground. I reminded her of how strong she is. She doesn’t feel very strong due to Leukemia, Fibromyalgia and a number of other issues that have tried to rob her of her strength. She is convinced she is living out bad karma, and is anxious for the Good Lord to call her home. I did my best to change her outlook by bringing Love and Hope to the situation. She was so grateful that I had come to see her.

Before the treatment, she shared her story, and how a series of misfortunes had led her to where she is today. I respect my clients so much as they share their deepest feelings with me. After all of the sad and heartbreaking words before the treatment, she said one word afterwards – “Wow.” She had experienced Reiki years ago, and today she was reminded of what the highest form of unconditional love feels like. It was an intense session and she had a big smile on her face as I prepared to leave.

I asked her how she found me and she couldn’t remember exactly. It’s funny how the people who need to find me, somehow do in fact find me. I continued to emphasize how strong she is, and how we were going to take “baby steps,” as she rediscovers her strength within. I also mentioned how important it is to take control of our thoughts when we make the decision to regain our wellness. All destructive thoughts that no longer serve our best interests must be released. This is the first step to any healing.

She explained her deep anger that she had from all of the blows life has dealt her. She does not want to be angry anymore. Anger is exhausting. This gave me the opportunity to share one of Reiki’s precepts with her that literally changed my life forever – “Just for today, do not anger.” Thank You Mikao Usui for your words of wisdom, and for the gift of Reiki.

I will always remember the look on this woman’s face after our Reiki session earlier today. She had a new glow that was not there when I arrived. She is rediscovering the strength within as she recalls better days, and looks to the future with a new optimism. Reiki always brings two things to any situation – Love & Hope. With love and hope, all things are possible.

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