By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Where do I begin? How about I begin with today. This morning, I shared Reiki with an American Veteran in a barn, surrounded by curious and loving horses. Kids were there too, along with other adults. Some of them carried camera equipment and tried to capture the magic of the moment at this incredible place. I hope they are happy with the results. They had plenty of great visuals to work with.

First off, how often do you see a Reiki treatment on a table with comfortable blankets and pillows in the scene mentioned above. That was a first for me. It won’t be my last. It was an incredible experience for me too as I shared “the miraculous medicine of all diseases,” in a sacred setting of sorts. There was so much joy in the barn. I think I smiled and laughed most of the time as I tried to take in all that I was experiencing in this hay filled palace of healing.

Every animal here is a rescue, and they are so grateful. They all live great lives, and they deserve to. Many have seen hell multiple times and now they get a slice of Heaven. “The Ranch” makes us well. It’s sacred ground. The grass grows a little greener and the mountains seem even more spectacular at the world’s greatest human/animal bonding healing center in The Rockies.

Right before I left this special place, I got to see a pig lying on its side while a Veteran scratched his belly. The pig was dozing off in total bliss. The Veteran was smiling ear to ear. I just kept smiling and laughing like I did most of the morning. I am a very grateful Reiki Master. Thank You all for such a memorable day. Love you all.

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