By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I stopped using the word “coincidence” a long time ago. Once I learned to appreciate each moment and see God’s diving timing unfold, I tossed the word coincidence out of my vocabulary once and for all. You don’t take the leaps of faith that I have taken since Reiki entered my life, and not see God in action as you leap as well as when you land. It’s a thing of beauty to behold. Patience and Trust are two words that are a significant part of my vocabulary. I try to choose my words wisely.

It’s important that we learn to see the big picture. It’s far above the daily noise that we are bombarded with from lower levels. The bigger picture takes into account things like mankind moving forward. It’s very important that we move forward as one. As we move forward as a group, our strength increases and so called good and positive “coincidences” happen more often. There’s great strength in numbers. And, the Law of Attraction is as real as real can be.

When our collective consciousness reflects the fact that we are all connected, we will take a giant leap forward as we advance together, as the human race. We will be able to move so much faster as leave behind all things that no longer serve our highest good. Things like hate, for example, will have to disappear. God is Love, and if we are consumed with hate, we are disconnected from God and missing out on the essential gifts of life.

I am writing a book about my healing journey so far, and it’s filled with God’s divine timing, patience and trust. What a story it is. Especially considering how impatient and jaded I used to be. Trust? I once had a salesperson lie to me about having Cancer. That one hurt. It took me a while to bounce back from that whole waste of time and energy. I also worked for two pathological liars. They were so smooth in their webs of deceit. But, I learned to trust in God, and all of the resentments eventually went away. I am many things but dishonest is not one of them. I live the truth, and walk the talk. Reiki works miracles and I am living proof.

Please pay attention to those coincidences in your life. You will see God in action and decide whether or not you are attracting things into your life that will serve your highest good. God always has our back and His plan is always better than our own. He is able to see things that we can’t. I can say this now with a confidence that comes from watching Him work in my life. His coincidences blow my mind. That is why I am writing about them in a new book. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that you’re reading this article. But, whatever it is, I appreciate you taking the time. God Bless You.


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