By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Yesterday, I taught a Reiki Level I Class. The students took this class to another level. In addition to a lot of learning and Reiki, there were a lot of laughs. One of my biggest laughs was when one of the students referred to Reiki as “Hippy Voodoo,” in a joking way; like what some other people might think about Reiki.

I was born in ’59. From what I remember, the hippies were about peace and love. Reiki is about peace and love, so I’m okay with “Hippy Voodoo.” Reiki is not a religion, but practitioners are working directly with the Holy Spirit, God, Source, Great Creator, or whatever you choose to call your Higher Power.  Believe me, it’s real. So whatever you pray to in your mind, know that it’s real. God is just as real as you and me. Believe.

When we connect to our Higher Power through prayer and meditation, we experience The Great One and need to show reverence to our Creator. Our Source of Life always has the highest good in mind, regardless of what some may choose to believe. Diving Timing is the only time that matters in a world with no time or space. We learn to appreciate each moment, and soon realize the word “coincidence,” is quite a humorous word.

May your connection to your Higher Power be strong and whatever is best for your highest good. Peace & Love.



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