By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Many of the New Year’s Eve celebrants in the Manhattan crowd wore top hats that were a giveaway from a national fitness club organization. Back in the day, I worked with one of their main competitors on a scent marketing program. Over the years, I have also hired more than one person from the health club industry. It’s an interesting and fun business. I enjoyed working with so many who were in the business of health and fitness.

January is their biggest month of the year. It’s like the rest of the year depends on how January goes. It’s always best to start the new year off right – whether you’re in the business or not. The people in the health club industry plan on most people not following through on their new year’s resolution when they sign up in January. Some might show up for a few weeks or maybe even a month. But, then they go away. I see it every year as the place I go to gets busier in January, and then gets back to normal by February. It happens every year. It was a busy place this morning at 5:30 a.m.

Any plan of action must have consistent follow through. If we want to get into shape, we must realize that one month of activity probably won’t transform our bodies into one of the media marketing models we have been shown repeatedly in different ad campaigns. With no follow through during the rest of the year, the results will be minimal. I’ve been a part of all kinds of plans. The good ones happened due to consistent follow through.  The other ones were just resolutions that never really got off the ground. Ideas without execution are simply dreams that don’t come true. It’s all in the follow through.

I wish you the very happiest of New Years, as well as the happiest of New Days. Each day is a new beginning, and our follow through determines whether or not the day is a good one for us. Follow your vision. Make this YOUR Year. Dreams can come true. Believe.

Embrace this day with hope, love and happiness. Then, when the year is finished, it will make you smile when you realize how happy of a year it was and is. You made it that way with your consistent follow through each day and with your commitment to a happy, healthy mindset – no matter what life has dealt you. Happy New Day. I wish you Peace, Love and Abundance. God Bless You & Thank You for reading this.

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