By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

One of Reiki’s precepts that Mikao Usui shared with us is, “Just for today, do not worry.” Without worry, there is no fear. Faith and fear are incompatible – like oil and water. They don’t mix. We choose one or the other.

Reiki teaches us to live in gratitude and in faith. We do not waste our time and energy with fear and worry. It’s a better way to live when we choose this route. Being fearless brings us strength and nourishes our soul when we believe in and strive for greater possibilities. Our work becomes more meaningful as we live the life we were destined to live.

We’re patient with our growth, but urgent with our actions. We learn to go with the flow of life and make adjustments along the way that are for the highest good. We can be Fearless with Reiki as we learn to trust at a higher level. We trust our higher self and live accordingly.

It’s easier to be fearless when we feel our best. When we are in alignment and on the right path to overall wellness, we feel good. This feeling carries over into our thoughts and our actions. We trust our decisions because we know they were made with the highest good in mind. We become fearless because everything seems so clear to us. Gray areas disappear with Reiki. We move with a new confidence in trusting and knowing. Our vision improves.

You deserve to feel your best and to live your life to the very fullest. Invite Reiki into your home and feel the peace that comes from healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. #Fearless

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