By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Mansij recently discovered the wonders of Reiki and shared the comments below with me. He is such a good man. He initially contacted me for a treatment for his wife. This session is one I will always remember. Afterwards, both Mansij and his beautiful wife were literally glowing. There was so much joy in the air.

Two days later, he came back for a treatment for himself. He knew he had discovered something special and wanted to learn more about it. The following week he attended my Reiki Level I & II class. Now, he is able to share the gift of healing with others. In addition to his big heart, Mansij is a man of action. I respect him so much for following his heart.

“My interaction with Jeff was just by chance and I had never imagined that a one-off meeting would soon turn into a life-changing experience.

Ever since the day I first met Jeff, he has been so understanding, patient and calm, that I felt as comfortable with him, as I would with a family member. After my Reiki session with him, I could instantly experience the tranquility around my mind that I have been searching for ages. I was so much impressed that I enrolled for the Reiki 1 & 2 class, with him as my master.

After the class, I have been able to provide Reiki to myself and others around me and that has helped me grow mentally, spiritually and emtionally stronger. It has also strengthened my inner self and I am very hopeful that this is just the beginning of something very exciting and fascinating, that will guide me for the rest of my life.

I feel really grateful to Jeff and thank him for all his efforts for me. He has been a great healer, mentor, teacher and most importantly a noble soul and a great human being.”

Thanks & Regards,

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