By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

“I work in a high stress Design Engineering and Consulting firm in Denver as an engineer. I have felt for some time that I was losing a sense of myself and my direction in life. I don’t know if that comes naturally with age (mid-50s) or if it was a result of the 50-60 hours/week workload I was doing…..probably both.

I saw Jeff’s articles in the “Colorado Serenity Magazine” several times over a period of 6 months or so. And, I have to admit, I never once read his articles. I was however, always struck by the kindness and essence of his face. There is a ‘good energy’ to his essence. So before ever reading an article, I decided to reach out to him for a Reiki session, as I was having a strange heaviness on the left side of my abdomen, that my doctor, through many tests, couldn’t find anything.

My first session with Jeff, was wonderful. He helped me to get out of my head and back into the sacredness of my body. I left feeling grounded, and in a way, just wrapped in a warm blanket. Jeff texted and kept in touch with me. He continued to do long distance treatments for me during the coming weeks until I could meet with him again. The second or third time, I felt joy when I left his place. My life was still a mess, but I didn’t seem to care anymore, knowing that ‘this too shall pass’.

Jeff’s sincere compassion and tenderness has helped me to befriend my body again. Jeff came from the corporate world and knew immediately what I was facing. He also understood my desire to want to quit, seek a new career path or just take a year-long sabbatical. All of these options were what my head was telling me to do. Instead, after several sessions with Jeff, and having him listen to both my words and what my body was telling me, I was reminded of how I just needed to care for myself again. It’s amazing when someone can mirror back to you, true compassion and kindness, how quickly you begin to realize how unkind or critical you are of yourself. Jeff did that for me and I will forever be grateful.

I no longer have the pain in my abdomen I had when I first saw Jeff. I have actually begun reading his lovely articles in “Colorado Serenity” AND I carry a pocket full of rocks to my high stress meetings (you’ll understand after seeing Jeff). I feel grounded again, like I belong on this planet, and more than anything I can face whatever life calls me to do, knowing that compassion and love are always present.

Carla R., Conifer CO

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