By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Carla is one of a kind. She has become one of my favorite people and I have only known her since early Summer. When she first came to see me for a Reiki treatment, I was working on a number of horses that day. She called me “The Horse Doctor,” after she had heard stories of how the horses were healing from Reiki.

She has overcome so many obstacles – more than enough for one lifetime. Carla goes in every month to receive shots in her eyes. She has a condition that leads to blindness. Yet, since receiving Reiki treatments – both in person, and from a distance, her vision has improved. She sent me this text earlier today, “I am a tinge edema in left eye but up to 20/30. Dr. was thrilled and so was I!”

By the way, Carla now goes in every 5 weeks for shots instead of every 4 weeks. This is major progress. I always tell my clients, “baby steps.” The important thing is to keep moving in the right direction. At Sunrise Reiki Colorado, we believe in the power of momentum. Always Moving Forward – No Matter What. No Matter What.

When a person is open to receiving Reiki’s healing energy, the unexpected happens. For example, vision improves – against all odds. I witness miracles on a daily basis, and I am so grateful to be doing the kind of work that I do. You can call me a Holy Fire II Reiki Master or an Unlimited Reiki Master or The Horse Doctor. It doesn’t matter to me. But, if you are experiencing any kind of pain physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, just call me. My number is (720) 250-8107.

God Bless You Carla. Once again, you inspired me.

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