By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

When we first moved to the mountains we soon discovered the wonder of every sunrise. We took a lot of pictures. Tami, my wife’s photos, were always better. Most of them were stunning. She has a different phone than I do. I hadn’t really started doing Reiki for others on a regular basis yet. But, things happened up here on the mountain, and I started writing about my experiences, and used Tami’s sunrise photos to accompany the words.

Sunrise became a thing for us. Tami surprised me one day and hung the sun that is accompanying these words outside on the garage. I loved it. I tell new clients to just look for the sun on the wall. Sunrise is a new day, and that’s what Reiki promotes – a new day. It’s a new day filled with hope and love and all things for our highest good.

When I was getting ready for the first website, I googled Sunrise Reiki and Sunrise Reiki Centre showed up in Ireland. I have a lot of Irish blood flowing inside of me, and thought it was cool that there was a healing center in Ireland. Just google Sunrise Reiki Ireland and you’ll find them. I nodded to my brothers and sisters in Ireland, and added Colorado.

At first, I thought the name needed more so I added /Baird Consulting. It’s no coincidence that I was still doing Reiki part time. I recently dropped the Baird Consulting part even though I still consult. I consult but I work for Reiki, and  I felt it was time for me to allow it to stand on its own. And, I love Colorado. So, it stuck.

Then, Will Lebzelter came along. Him and Dillon Haley designed the logo. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it. We kept tweaking it here and there, until we thought it was perfect. Everyone who is benefitting from Reiki is in the logo. Perfect. Will and Dillon took this whole idea to another level for me. The name has grown on me, and I like it more now than I ever have. Plus, the t-shirts look great thanks to the logo.

Sunrise Reiki Colorado is a vision come true. We try to bring a new day of healing to everyone we work with. Watch the sunrise tomorrow. It makes for a better day.

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