By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

I lived with chronic pain for a long time after we were in a car wreck. Eventually, I had both of my hips replaced and thankfully the pain went away. But, there was a long waiting period for surgery because of my younger age. I was told I had the hips of an 80-year-old man, but I was only in my mid-late 30’s. Leading up to the first surgery, I started writing “What a Pain!” It was a cheap form of therapy, I guess. It got me writing again too.

I remember doing some research for the book and talking to people who were in chronic pain. This is long before I knew anything about Reiki. I spoke to a mom who was in her 30’s. She had Aids, and her daughter had a vicious new unexplainable pain disorder. There were different words thrown around, but the doctors had not seen this level of pain before in such a young girl. She was about 7-8 years old, and was sucking on a morphine-soaked sucker. It hurt her if it was windy outside. She couldn’t brush her hair because the pain was too intense. Everything hurt her including a sunny day. I felt so helpless sitting with these two as I took notes.

I truly believed “What a Pain!” was going to be a best seller and help everyone who had chronic pain. I was very passionate about this project and it kind of helped me mentally prepare for the upcoming surgeries. My pain seemed insignificant compared to what I was seeing with others, and what they were dealing with.  The people I met with humbled me. The mom with Aids was being so open with me. I think she enjoyed our time together, and it was one of the first times I listened to someone talk about how much pain they were in. Today, I listen to painful stories everyday, and then watch how lives change when Reiki enters the picture. I stopped writing the book after my first hip replacement and the pain went away. I felt like a new man. A seed had been planted within me to help pain sufferers.

Pain can be a lonely suffering. I used to chase pain pills with plenty of booze. I was angry, and I was worried about the future. Then, years later, Reiki came along and I learn “Just for today, do not get angry. Just for today, do not worry.” Dr. Mikao Usui said these words when he shared Reiki with the world. Those simple words stopped me in my tracks. What did you just say to me? Angry? I’m angry all the time. If you were in as much pain as I’m in, you’d be angry too. Worry? When I was a kid, Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman taught me “What, me worry?” I didn’t start worrying until I was in so much pain that I felt like an old man limping along. I remember turning 40 and thinking I would never make 50. It’s like another lifetime. Before Reiki and after. Before I truly discovered God and after. It’s an honor to share Holy Fire Reiki with others. I am so grateful that I stopped being angry and I stopped worrying too. Lives change when the pain goes away.

I am always sharing Reiki’s precepts with others. Just for today… Today. You can do just today, right? Okay. Good. Just for today, do not worry. And, while you’re at it – just for today, do not get angry. Got it? Good. You want to learn about Reiki? Let’s start here. Do this just for today, and we’ll talk tomorrow.

If you’re in pain, I’ve been there. The emotional pain was every bit as bad as the physical pain for me. Brutal stuff. No sleep. I just couldn’t get comfortable in bed.When we’re in pain, we need rest. Reiki always brings rest. I hear from pretty much everyone I work with, how much Reiki has helped them with sleep. 9 out of 10 people – easily. Everyone sleeps well after Reiki because it delivers balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki helps relieve stress and promotes healing so that you can do less worrying and focus more on positive possibilities. And, anger is exhausting. You need your energy right now. You can’t afford to be angry. It’s wasted energy.  Be as energy efficient as possible and get plenty of rest. And, add some Reiki. You’ll be glad you did. Dr. Mikao Usui called it, “The miraculous medicine of all diseases.” Indeed.


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