By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Life can be difficult, and some people can be less than accommodating or cooperative on any level. My heart goes out to the people I share Reiki with, who tell me about difficult situations and uneasy encounters that they are experiencing. It might be a co-worker who refuses to help  in any way, shape or form. Or, it could be a spouse who is being verbally abusive. Maybe your own child is threatening you. You might work for someone who you are considering reporting to the authorities because of a recent incident. I hear about many bad things from some very good people. In each case, Reiki can help with any situation. It always delivers for the highest good – no matter what.

Reiki practitioners do not walk around wearing rose colored glasses while shouting “Namaste” and “Love and Light” to everyone we meet. Yes, we are optimists because we have every reason to be. But, we are also realists in that we understand that life can be challenging for many, and one person’s healing might require more Reiki than another person. That’s just the way it is. We are aware of the good, the bad and the ugly. With our healing work, we focus on bringing the good to the surface, where it rightfully belongs.

Lately, I have been contacted by many who are looking for some pain and stress relief from their work environment. To say that I empathize would be a great understatement. I have worked with some amazing and talented people over the years. But, I have also worked with pathological liars, thieves, certified crazy folks and just plain bad people. For example, there was the salesperson who lied to me about having Leukemia. She was really missing so much work due to a meth addiction. When I was a manager, I was lied to so many times that it took me a long time to learn how to really trust. I was always on guard. Without elaborating further with numerous other examples of bad people doing bad things, just know that I understand difficult situations very well. I think this is why my bonds run so deep with my Reiki clients. In many cases, I have been there. I understand, and I can feel their pain.

Reiki is a very high vibration of pure love from above. People pick up on this energy when they are around a person who has been attuned to Reiki or were recently given a Reiki treatment. I hear examples of this every day. We are all energy, and Reiki shines a light wherever it goes, bringing the energy of any situation to a much higher level. The unexpected will surely happen when Reiki comes onto the scene. Just yesterday, I had a client say to me, “I never saw that coming! She was so nice to me! That is so unlike her.” Chalk up another one for Reiki.

Bad energy people have a hard time comprehending the pure goodness of Reiki. In their world, they can’t fully understand how something can be so good. They are not used to accepting unconditional love. I see this in action all the time too. Many of these people are curious about the energy and have thoughts like, “What is that? What am I feeling?” The darkness that they have embraced for so long can be turned upside down if they accept it. Some will while others won’t, and life goes on.

When a bad energy person is close to a person who is beaming with positive energy and genuine love, things happen. Things like compromises, acceptance, cooperation and teamwork are possible – even in the most seemingly impossible situations. If you are in a difficult situation, it is important that you operate at a higher frequency, which will help protect you from lower energies that can show up in the form of arguments and potential conflicts.

Fight the good fight! Do the right thing. Stay true to your higher self regardless of what is happening around you. If you are looking for a little extra muscle to help you along your way, please consider Reiki as your assistant. A Reiki treatment can help you discover an inner strength that you might not have been aware of. A Reiki class can help you take your healing to a higher level and provide you with many tools to assist you on your journey. Life can be difficult, but it can also be a beautiful blessing.

We are all connected – the most cooperative as well as the most difficult souls. Once we realize this fact, we look at others differently, and respond to difficult situations with a new approach that we might not have considered before. Invite Reiki to your most difficult situation. It will not be intimidated and will simply do what it always does by delivering love and hope.

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