By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

I was sitting in the hot tub, soaking in the sunshine and the bubbles, thinking about what might happen next with Sunrise Reiki Colorado. Right about the time my mind was ready to take off at the speed of light, I heard very clearly, “Be Still.” Then I saw these two words. God knows how to get my attention. He knows I’m visual. He showed me “Be Still” being projected from an old black and white projector onto a wall in an old classroom. It was the kind of projector I had seen in grade school in the 60’s. Oh, what a thrill it was in 5thgrade when I got to be movie boy and take the projector and a screen to a classroom. Be Still. Thank You God. You got my attention – yet again.

This simple message stopped me in my tracks when I needed to be stopped. My mind has been working overtime lately. I recently had a lot of drive time during a vacation. In addition to thinking time, there was also a lot of opportunity to be still as well. The 2,000+ mile drive was smooth. It was a drama-less drive with plenty of fun and love packed for the trip. But, there was plenty of time to think about a lot of things too. I allowed thoughts to come to mind during the drive. The ones I wanted to linger, I let hang around. The other ones I booted out of the car – most of them anyway. Some old ways of thinking tried moving in and it was an internal battle that I eventually won. It’s those little victories that can mean so much. The old way of thinking just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Man’s greatest feat is when he conquers his own ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and lives the life he was meant to live. Being true to his higher self no matter what else is going on around him. This is a life well lived. Some of my most memorable moments of clarity came as a result of stillness. My book “Messages” was rewritten in the same hot tub a few years ago. I was wrestling with the entire thing and decided to stop thinking about it as I soaked in the bubbles and the stars that night. God showed me the ending in the sky and made it very clear that I needed to get busy with the rewriting of the book. When I am still, I am able to hear God. I have to shut off the noise and focus on being still in order to effectively communicate with Him. I have been blessed to receive many messages that have taken my life to a much higher level. I finally learned how to slow down and listen. It changed my life.

The first thing Reiki did for me was to slow down my thoughts, bring clarity and help me achieve perfect stillness. It happened in a hotel room when I was playing Mr. Road Warrior and that particular trip was throwing many things at me, except one thing – stillness. Yet, I still achieved it. I was amazed, and soon realized there is no reason whatsoever to ever feel differently. I like stillness. When I am involved in a healing, the perfect stillness allows Reiki to work its wonders. I just get out of the way and remain still.

Gray areas disappear with Reiki. It makes things so clear and we have to be able to embrace the clarity and leave the rest behind. All the second thoughts, the overthinking, the worst-case scenarios, and all the rest are nothing more than wasted energy that destroy stillness. I am gently guided by this healing energy every day, and when any sort of fear comes into the picture, I need to be still. I was never still in my younger days. My mind worked overtime 24/7. Old behaviors still pop up now and then. But, not very often really. When it happens now, I catch it, I stop and I’m still. It has given me great inner peace when I am still. Today, I got the gentle nudge I needed.

So, if you find your thoughts ready to take off at the speed of light in the wrong direction…Be Still. There’s great power in these two words. My sources for this story are solid.

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