If you have never experienced the wonder of Distance Reiki before, today is your lucky day. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – whether it is shared in-person or from a distance. Like all nights, tonight I will be sharing Reiki with the world. If you would like to be a part of this group healing, simply fill out the Client Information Form on my Services page, private message me on Facebook, e-mail me at jeff@sunrisereikicolorado.com or call or text me at (720) 250-8107. Tonight, you will not be charged the standard $49. This one’s on me.

Everyday I receive incredible comments from people who I work with through distance healing sessions. Below is one example. Enjoy your Sunday.

“I couldn’t get in with Jeff for a session, so he suggested distance Reiki. I said sure, let’s try it. He asked when I would like to receive it, and I said anytime would work for me. One night I was reading my book (totally into it) and all of a sudden I felt a buzzing…tingling sensation of energy run up and down my hands and wrist. It felt…so warm and soothing. I put my book down and just smiled. I let the energy run through me. I was done reading for the night and felt so relaxed. I thought Jeff must have been sending me Reiki. I almost cried. The thought of someone else taking the time and energy to sit and think of me! Wow!! A couple of days later I asked Jeff if he had sent me Reiki – when and at what time. He told me yes and the time that he sent it. He had sent Reiki at the exact time that I felt it. He was right on. As a massage therapist I can always use extra energy. I now receive long distance Reiki in between sessions.” 

-Tracy Vermillion C.M.T. Bright Starr Therapeutic Massage @ Braun Chiropractic, Aspen Park, CO

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