By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

One of these days, Mankind will come together as One.  We will finally come to our senses and realize that we are all connected. A major shift will occur as our collective consciousness becomes one of  love, hope and peace. All living things will benefit from this awakening as man’s dominion over everything he sees will morph into a cooperative state of being. The old ways of separatism, division and manmade obstacles to unity will disappear. What a day this will be!

Many animals share the same ailments as their owners, and this is no coincidence. Their bond is strong, and the connection between them runs very deep. This is one simple example of how we are connected to all living things. Angry owners have angry dogs. Nervous dogs usually have nervous owners. I have seen too many examples of mirrored behaviors by pets to think otherwise.

Talk to a horse owner about the connectivity they share with their horse.  You will hear stories that will open up your mind to the idea that we are indeed all connected – some more than others. But, we’re all connected, just the same. When we come to this realization, we look at the world differently, and treat others the way we want to be treated. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” becomes more than a Bible passage. It becomes a way of life as we embrace the Golden Rule.

One of these days, all of mankind will realize that the power of our intentions is much stronger than we may have realized. We will see our intentions in action, and understand that one single thought has the capability of growing into a movement that can change our world. When distance healing and prayers from the heart outweigh cruel intentions, fear and dark thoughts, mankind’s evolution will reach new heights. It will be a transformation on a global level. The entire universe will feel the new vibration because everything  is connected – on all levels.

A violent, fiery world will instead be an eternal flame of peace. The warmth of the flame will be felt by all, as we warm up to each other, rather than waste so much time and energy trying to burn each other. It will be a new flame from the heart and soul that burns from within, and expands throughout the world. The warmth from its inner glow will bring comfort, peace and a warmth never felt before by all of Mankind.

One of these days, man will realize that to hurt another living thing is only hurting himself. The endless slaughter will come to an end as peace replaces war. Everyone will have inner peace and will share this peace will all living things. The peace will grow until there  is peace on Earth – better late than never. This new peace will reach higher levels as the Great Ones, The Hierarchy, and God smile on us. Their Heavenly joy will come  from seeing that we are fully awake, and finally ready to pay attention. They will help lead us as One. It will be the greatest of all connections as we move forward together in perfect harmony. Just like it was meant to be. All for One & One for All.

One of these days. One of these days…

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