By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

In a world gone cold, things are warming up as Reiki spreads across the globe. Literally, everywhere in this world, some form of natural healing is being performed on a person or an animal as you read this. All of us have the ability to help others heal. Anyone can take a Reiki class, and then watch as the life they had hoped for unfolds in front of them. All they need to do is go with the flow. Reiki is kind of a ticket to ride this train. All aboard!

It’s hard to ignore the meanness of this world. It’s everywhere. But, there is another side to the story. The one that you only see a blip of at the end of a national newscast. You know, a ‘feel good’ story to leave you with, after promoting ugliness and hatred like it’s a sporting event.

I see the other side of life in action every day of the week. The people I work with are doing their very best and want to do better. It’s a mindset for a doer. They wanted to make a difference, and they are. It all started with a single thought about improving their lives. The results speak for themselves as their lives transform for their highest good. Plus, as a bonus, the lives of everyone around them feels the impact of their wellness too. Everyone heals. One of my teachers during the Holy Fire Master Class called it the “Reiki Domino Effect.” Perfectly said.

The reality I know is not the one that they try to force feed me on television or on any other device. There is a much bigger picture, and so many important things to focus on. There is no time for hate or brainwashing attempts. As a human race, we need to wake up, and do our part to move mankind forward. We do this by realizing that we are connected to every living thing we see. We are all connected. Taking anger out on another soul is like cutting yourself with a knife. It makes no sense. We are all in this together and should treat each other accordingly.

Everyone in our life is here for a reason. They are teaching us something about our growth. We learn patience, tolerance, forgiveness and lots of other things from people all around us. In many ways, they are mirrors of ourselves. Many will never accept this idea, but that’s alright. Their reality is different than mine. But, I have seen the concept mentioned earlier, in action countless times. It’s the law of attraction and the universe letting us know they are alive and well. Trusting the universe is the highest level of trust as we learn to embrace the moment and accept it for what it is. We make the most of the moment because it can slip away too easily. Missed moments are things of the past and there is nothing we can do about them except not miss the moment at hand.

In a world of noise and static, Reiki gives us peace and tranquility. It’s really amazing how it works. We strive for perfect balance and focus regardless of what is happening around us. It comes from inner peace. People have been talking about Peace since the beginning of time. It’s a wonderful gift that should be shared and is shared by so many. There’s a buzz around Reiki. I call it the Reiki Revolution. It’s a quiet uprising of peace, kindness and healing love. Reiki is growing by leaps and bounds because the world needs a little peace, kindness and healing love right at this moment.

But, we’re just getting warmed up. With growth comes more growth, and this is why we are just getting warmed up. As more and more people learn about all of the things that have not worked for them, they come to Reiki with an openness and a willingness to try something new. I’ve been to that place. Reiki changed my life and has changed the lives of so many others too. More healings are taking place. More Reiki classes are being taught. More events are happening, and Reiki is being more accepted in new places. It’s very exciting. But, we are literally just getting warmed up.

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