By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

On this Full Moon Friday, I reflect… Full moons can do that to me sometimes, among other things. They used to make me crazy and very difficult to be around. Ask those closest to me, or maybe don’t ask…
This was way before Reiki entered my life. It was not easy even living with myself as the full moon’s energy rocked me back and forth like a hurricane. Mood swings? Umm. Yes, you could say that. You’ve seen what the moon does to the ocean, right? Well, we’re primarily made of water. This is why it’s so important to ground ourselves during a full moon. My wife used to keep a full moon calendar nearby, so she could prepare for my full moon fever. Thank You Tom Petty. I still miss you. But, I’ll never forget when you pointed to the sky during your “Full Moon Fever” tour and said, “Our first full moon of the tour. Here in Colorado.” That was easily my favorite full moon.

Life is fragile and so easily turned upside down in a flash. It’s important for us to always do our best to stay as grounded as possible. It goes back to the old Boy Scout oath, I guess. Be prepared. Sometimes, life can hit us with things that we just didn’t plan on or prepare for. When this happens, it is so important to feel the bottoms of our feet without using our hands. Feel the Earth, our home base. Feel the ground and become it. Ground. Then, when another full moon comes around you can thank your lucky stars that you are well grounded and strong enough to ride the tide. I don’t need a calendar to tell me when it’s a full moon. I can feel it and have learned to use its strength to ground myself. Very powerful. Ride the wave but make sure you’re wearing a surfboard leash on your ankle so you’re prepared for the next breaker.

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