By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Is this your first Reiki treatment? If so, you might be wondering what to expect. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on this new experience for you. Reiki can do no harm, goes exactly where it needs to go, and gets there exactly when it needs to. It has been called “the miraculous medicine of all diseases,” and “the secret art of inviting happiness,” by Mikao Usui, Reiki’s founder. My experiences, and those of my loyal clients are right in line with Usui’s statements. If my treatment table could talk, it would tell great stories of healing, and how happy so many were after receiving Reiki.

A Reiki treatment heals a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can expect to feel relaxed as your stress melts away. But, prior to you relaxing on the treatment table or in a massage chair, we will have a conversation. We’ll discuss what pain issues you might be dealing with. As you share with me, I will keep notes. Everyone seems to pick up on the calming energy of Reiki, and they start to relax before they even get on the treatment table. Many share things that they have been carrying around with them for a very long time. As they release and exhale, the healing begins when they embrace the hope and promise of a pain-free future. The healing comes from within and Reiki facilitates the process. I’m just the middle man as I channel the energy and bring the best out of a person.

You might want to discuss old injuries, new concerns or upcoming events that are front of mind for you. During the initial consultation, we may spend most of our time addressing any physical pain issues. In other cases, the emotional pain associated with a job or relationship may be front and center. It just depends on your needs and your goals for Reiki. The initial conversation lasts roughly 20 minutes, give or take. You will probably be on the table for about 40 minutes or more. Then, we allow some time at the end of the treatment to discuss the experience and focus on keeping you grounded before you leave. “I feel so much lighter,” is a common thing I hear from clients. And this is to be expected as they leave things behind that no longer serve them well. Reiki lightens our load.

My Reiki treatment will probably begin at the top of your head, or crown chakra. You might feel warmth or tingly or you might not feel anything at all. Everyone is different. But, I usually start by working on the emotions and slowing the “wheels” down. A relaxed person is better equipped to receive the healing energy and allow it to do what it does best. During some treatments, I may spend most of my time in this area. I don’t follow a structured approach of placing my hands on an area for a designated amount of time before moving on. But, rather, I follow where I am led. My intuition is much higher now after providing Reiki for a number of years. As a result, I simply follow my heart.

Yesterday, for example, I was drawn to a woman’s knee. It had not come up during the initial consultation. It was an old injury from 20 years ago, but I felt it. I mentioned the knee during the session, and then spent some time in that area. As I have said many times before, healing is a team effort as we work together on a person’s wellness by addressing any issues that may be holding them back on some level. A Reiki treatment is a spiritual experience for both the person being treated as well as the practitioner.

As I move along during a session, I may ask if it’s okay to place a stone or crystal in a particular area or have you hold one. My clients have experienced the benefits from an Orthoceras, Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Ammonite, Bloodstone, Lemurian Crystal, Labradorite, Anchi Crystals, Hematite and Amethyst among others. These amazing gems complement a treatment and I generally use them during every session.

I have become a rock enthusiast as evidenced by my three rock tumblers. Recently, it became so obvious to me how important it is to heal the heart during any session. I already knew this, but the importance of the heart chakra hit me in 3D one night. The hearts of so many are hurting from any kind of pain they might be experiencing. The limitations caused by pain can lead to heartache for someone no longer able to do some of the things that they loved to do for so many years. Maybe a person’s heart is no longer in the work that they do. Or, a loved one may be breaking their heart by their unloving behavior. Whatever the situation may be, we bring love back to center where it rightfully belongs. As a result, I recently loaded up on Rose Quartz and now work it into literally every Reiki treatment. I have called Reiki “love from above,” and it’s only fitting to incorporate Rose Quartz, and its heart healing properties into treatments.

If you fall asleep during your Reiki session, that is okay. You will join a group of many who have slept on my treatment table. Reiki gives us exactly what we need, and many times we need rest more than anything else. One of the first questions I ask a new client is, “How have you been sleeping?” Most people who are in pain are not sleeping well, and Reiki brings them the deep and restful sleep that they need. So, if you nod off and take a nap, Reiki will continue to work its wonders as it goes exactly where it needs to go.

Others would rather remain awake during a treatment. These sessions can be very interactive as my clients discuss what is happening and how they are feeling as they receive Reiki. Just a few days ago, I worked on a person who wanted to stay awake and share what she was experiencing. I heard things like, “Wow, that feels so interesting. It feels really good.” I was working on her hip area when she said, “It feels like some rings or something are swirling around my hip.” She was very tuned in as I was using what I call “Saturn Rings” at that time. These healing rings are balls of energy that I use in visualizations. When I realized how in tune we were with each other, the possibilities of the session reached a higher level. Once again, healing is a team effort. This kind of input from a client is invaluable as we move forward with Reiki.

If this is your first Reiki treatment, our goal will be to make you feel as comfortable as possible. When the session is complete, we will make sure you are grounded and will recommend that you drink plenty of water afterwards. As a general rule, I suggest three treatments over the course of ten days. Many have reaped the rewards from following this wellness schedule, and then share their experiences with others who they feel would also benefit from a Reiki treatment.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the healing possibilities with Reiki. I look forward to working with you on a customized wellness program that will help you along your way. If your schedule is challenging, and you are unable to book a face-to-face treatment, you can receive a distance healing session in the comfort of your own home. For more information, please visit the Services page at

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