By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

“Lazy Days of Summer?” appears in the July issue of “Colorado Serenity Magazine.”

I remember hearing about those lazy days of Summer way back when. I love Summer so much, but my days are anything but lazy. These are busy and exciting times, and certainly a summer that I will always remember. On June 9th, my vision of doing Reiki full time became a reality; and thankfully things will never be the same. It was a leap of faith, and one that had been in the works for a long time. I could no longer ignore this calling to do what I was meant to do – help others heal. I just started practicing Reiki in January of 2012, but there is still a feeling of “Finally!” I love when a plan comes together, and patience is indeed a virtue.

As I walked away from a steady paycheck, I took to heart and followed one of the Reiki precepts that changed my life – “Just for today, do not worry.” The universe has a way of providing for those who follow their dreams. I have learned to trust at a higher level, and the sense of freedom is well worth any possible concerns about the future. I’m savoring this moment, rather than dwelling on a past bankruptcy or worrying about future failures. A client sent me a card that reads, ‘“What if I fail?” Oh, but my darling. What if you fly?’

I believe in the power of momentum, and I have built up a lot of momentum for this moment. Plus, the abundant gifts that have followed my resignation, have me wondering why I waited so long to take this leap! I now have more time to work closely with my Reiki customers without any distractions. This weekend I treated a number of people face-to-face, and every night was booked with distance treatments and consultations for clients in Connecticut, California, Wyoming, Europe, Canada as well as Colorado. It was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had in a long time. It’s not work when you love what you do.

Timing is everything, and it was time to make some room in my life so that my Reiki business could flourish and expand to higher levels. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others discover their wellness on a full-time basis. This is the work that I love and nothing else compares to the feeling I get when hearing incredible stories of healing on a daily basis. We are all about win-win scenarios at Sunrise Reiki Colorado, where healing is a team effort. So much has happened since you heard from me last month.

Reiki Currents

Reiki Currents interviewed me on Facebook Live on the first day of Summer. The response to this hour-long interview was tremendous. As a result, I am now working with a number of new clients who had watched the interview. Social Media can be so powerful. The Reiki Currents interview was one of their most widely viewed, and I was their 21stsubject. I could not be any more grateful than I am for the outpouring of support, and the number of inquiries from people who are looking for new ways to relieve their pain. Judging by the response, there is a lot of interest in Reiki these days. As the host of Reiki Currents, Stephen Vanderver said, “Reiki is one of the fastest growing self-care, spiritual and development tools in the world.” Reiki is now accepted in all VA hospitals, and continues to become more mainstream as the number of stories of healing grows by leaps and bounds. It’s pretty hard to argue with the results that so many have experienced from Reiki treatments.

An Evening of Healing

Our “Evening of Healing” on June 7thwas such a success that we are doing an encore presentation on August 1stat Full Moon Books and Event Center again. The comments I heard from people who attended this event are very powerful. Many felt intense pain leave their body when I said, “Any pain you might have been experiencing today is now leaving your body” during the Meditation for Gratitude & Healing. After the healing attunements that night, the people who attended wanted to just hang out and bask in the comfort of their new feelings of relaxation and peace. It was a great time, and I plan to do many more of these types of events. We are actively looking for other venues to accommodate our growing audience.

Corporate Wellness

We are rolling out a new corporate wellness program too. My background is full of success stories of leading teams to victory, as this has always been a strength of mine. Incorporating some of the methods I have learned from Reiki, we are offering a new approach for organizations looking for ways to inspire their teams and deliver the goods. We specialize in improving morale, increasing sales, lowering absenteeism, sharpening focus, strengthening employee bonds and operating more efficiently. Healing is a team effort and our methods are easily transferrable from the treatment table to the boardroom.

 Mobile Reiki Service

The Sunrise Reiki Colorado Mobile Service is taking me to the people and their animals on a regular basis. I now make trips where I spend the day working on people and their animals. One of our regular stops is in Northern Colorado, with acres of land devoted to boarding horses. This facility is owned by one of the most renowned horse people in the world. I pack the treatment table, massage chair and a whole bunch of Reiki when I visit this incredible place. We work on the people first, and then turn our attention to their horses and dogs. If you would like to host such an event, please call and we will develop a custom program that will work best for you and your group.

 More to Come

There is so much more happening at Sunrise Reiki Colorado, including our new website.But, until next month – enjoy your summer – lazy or not. Have fun out there and Be Well.

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