By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

When my clients discover the wonder of Reiki, they want to share this amazing gift with others. On a regular basis, I hear things like –

“Jeff, I’d like you to work on my daughter. She is really struggling right now.”

“Do you work on dogs too?”

“I have a neighbor who just had surgery. Is it okay if I give her your number?”

“Can you work on both my wife and I?”

“I wish my husband was more open to this. He’s in a lot of pain.”

“Next time, I’m going to bring my son with me. I want him to meet you.”

“My dad is in so much pain. Can you do some distance work for him?”

“I have a dear friend who I am going to refer to you.”

“My sister is in town on vacation, and I am going to send her your way.”

“My best friend just lost her husband. She could use some Reiki right now.”

“I would sure like you to work with my horse. He’s a rescue.”

“I want to buy some distance sessions for a dear friend of mine who is heartbroken. He lives outside of the U.S.”

“Can you work on my whole family?”

“Our entire office could use some Reiki. Do you work with companies too?”

Due to the incredible response I have received from my clients, we are now offering mobile services to bring Reiki to families and other groups. When schedules are coordinated, and people come together in the name of healing, great things happen. Once my customers see what Reiki has done for them, they want the gift of healing to expand, and to touch all of their loved ones. The conversations go something like this – “I know this guy. He took my pain away. Honest to God. I don’t limp anymore. I have never felt better. He’s coming over on Friday to work on me, a couple of friends, the kids, the dogs and even Grandpa. You should try this Reiki. It could really help you.”

There is something very special about working with families on their wellness. It brings everyone closer together, and the size of the group always grows as neighbors and other friends hear about how Reiki has helped those close to them. Then it becomes, “I want what she has. When are you coming back to see us?” A good example of this scenario are my trips to northern Colorado where word is spreading fast. What started as me working on one person and her horse has grown into Reiki treatments for other family members, friends and neighbors. Instead of one stop, I now make two stops at two different locations where the size of each group has grown. It’s a full day of healing. In the not too distant future, I see this as two consecutive days of healing for these good people and their animals.

We are also using this same format with companies. I visit an organization, set up my treatment table and massage chair in a designated office or conference room. We then bring some much – needed stress relief to hard working people who could use a little Reiki break. If you are interested in scheduling a Reiki Party for family and friends or your co-workers, please contact me at (720) 250-8107 or, and we will coordinate a healing event for you. Trust me – your family, friends and co-workers will love you for it.


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