By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Sunrise Reiki Colorado Healing Center is surrounded by beauty and located in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado. Deer, Elk and birds of all kinds are frequent visitors. We are on sacred ground and many healings have taken place here. Students pick up on the positive, loving energy vibe that radiates from this special place, making for an enjoyable and memorable learning experience.

We follow an outline that I have developed, and everything always gets covered. But, no two classes are ever the same. Each one is unique and special in its own way. We may spend more time on a particular topic with one group, and more time on another subject with another class. It all depends on the energy of the class, and what is happening on that day. Plus, “The Team,” my loving spiritual guides, may lead me to a discussion that needs to happen in order for our healing as a group to reach the very highest level. Our classes are anything but “cookie cutter.”

We discuss material I have created for the class, written from the heart and pulled from my personal experiences with healing. We also reference William Lee Rand’s “The Healing Touch: First and Second Degree Manual,” and “The Reiki Touch.” During the Reiki Level II portion, we utilize Adele & Garry Malone’s “The Essence of Reiki 2.” The teachings of Torkom Saraydarian and “The Ageless Wisdom” are also shared. Torkom’s influence on my life has been significant, and I love to discuss his work with students. He will always be a part of any teaching I am involved with.

My objective is to introduce students to a number of things during a class, and then allow them to dig as deep as they wish into various topics as they walk their spiritual path. For example, one student may feel more of an attraction to crystals and stones; while another may be more intrigued by distance healing. We do our very best to cover all aspects of Reiki’s magnificent power, and the different tools available in our healing toolbox to enhance the Reiki experience for both the healer and the person or animal being treated. Needless to say, we cover a lot of ground during a Reiki Level I & II training.

We live in such a special place, and it makes me very happy to invite Reiki students into my home. In the not too distant future, we will be having classes in other venues to accommodate more people. In fact, we are discussing mobile classes where I bring the training to families and other groups to their location. But, the majority of our intimate classes are held here in Evergreen. Many healings have taken place on these grounds, and that incredible energy leads us during any Reiki training session. We always provide lunch, snacks and drinks as well. My “Rockin’ Reiki Soup” and “Master Salad” are loved by all.

The first day is a full one, and we go as long as we need to. We are usually done by 5:00 p.m. or so. The second day is a summary, with more hands-on training. You will receive two attunements during the class. The first attunement is given after the Level I portion, followed by a second attunement after we cover Level II. I have heard some amazing stories from students regarding their experiences during an attunement. Lives transform when Reiki enters the scene.

I always learn so much from my students and have been blessed by being a part of their lives. Below are comments from some of them. Please watch our Events page for upcoming classes. God Bless & Be Well.

“I met Jeff during his Open House in September. At that point I was a level 1, and was thoughtfully searching for the Reiki Master that I wanted take a level 2 class with. After visiting with Jeff I knew he was who I wanted to learn from. He is deeply compassionate, embodies the Reiki precepts and is passionate about sharing this amazing gift. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about Reiki to contact Jeff.”
–Kelly W., Evergreen, Colorado

“If you are thinking of getting Reiki certified or Master certified, I highly recommend Jeff Baird! His classes are not only informative but fun as well. He is able to cover a lot of content in a short period of time. His attunements are also very powerful. I could feel the energy minutes after having them done. I was so inspired after taking his classes. He is the real deal. His knowledge and experience with Reiki is truly a gift!”
–Sheila S., Evergreen, Colorado

“Jeff’s Reiki class was a life changing experience that is positive for all surrounded by my love including myself.”
–Lori C. Bailey, Colorado

“The space was very welcoming, and I was greeted with a big hug from Jeff as I entered. It immediately felt like home…and as we sat listening to Jeff’s experiences of being healed and healing others with Reiki, I knew I was in the right space. Being taught how to be a healing channel was the most impactful part of the class for me. Living in a more peaceful, happy and more in tune way are now my goals…and of course helping heal the world one person at a time.”
–Ashley Cain, Longmont, CO

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