By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Nothing surprises me anymore. Right about the time I think I have seen it all, something new comes along for the very first time, and teaches me the importance of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. My days are filled with wonder and excitement. Each morning when I get out of bed, I drop to my knees and say, “I thank you for the possibilities of this day.” With Reiki, anything is possible.

As a Reiki practitioner, I have learned to be energy efficient, no longer wasting my time with things that do not serve my best interests. There is too much work for me to do as I strive to be my very best – each and every day. This is a commitment and a promise that I have made to my creator. I was not put here on this earth to be mediocre or to waste my precious time. Sharing the gift of healing with others fills my days with hope, love, belief, passion, creativity and a life purpose that continues to expand and reach higher levels.

Last Summer, I had an intense consultation with a woman from Montana. She helped me strengthen my healing abilities due to the work that was required to make her whole again. Initially, I was a little intimidated by the task that was in front of me. But, then I did what I do best by following my intentions to help her as I called in “The Team,” my guides, for their divine wisdom and direction. I am but a humble servant who is learning to communicate with higher sources. They help me so much. I am eternally grateful for their endless love for me and the work that we do together. Healing is the ultimate team effort and my client’s feedback as she lay on the treatment table gave me more and more confidence as I watched her heal with my own eyes. It was one of those incredible moments that I have been so fortunate to experience up close and personal.

Also, many times I incorporate an Orthoceras or two during a treatment. I have seen these amazing fossils work their wonders by reducing stress and literally pulling the pain right out of a person. I gave her one to hold in each hand during the session. Afterwards, when she handed them back to me they were like hot stones bordering on being hot coals. She had a lot of pain – before the treatment, and the Orthoceras fossils had absorbed all of that pain. I ran them under cold water to cool them down and then washed them in warm water.

We helped her release a haunting disorder that she had carried with her since childhood. This woman was so gifted, and yet her past was holding her back, keeping her from becoming the person she was destined to be. I tried new methods with her that had remarkable results. Her sense of relief as the heavy load was lifted added to my confidence level and belief that anything is possible with Reiki.

After her treatment, she told me about her beloved horse back home on her ranch. She was concerned that he was going to die while she was away. He barely had enough energy to walk out of the barn in the morning, usually choosing to remain lying down. I asked my client if I could send some Reiki to her horse that night. She gladly accepted my offer. The next morning his handlers called her in a panic. Her horse was running out of the barn full speed and was showing everyone that he was raring to go on this early morning. He was displaying a youthful energy that had been long forgotten; showing everyone a new vigor, the proverbial piss and vinegar. Distance healing is difficult for many to wrap their heads around. I get it. But, I hear stories like this almost on a daily basis. The power of our thoughts and intentions should never be dismissed or taken lightly. We are indeed what we think about.

Then, there was another horse that I helped closer to home. He had a painful bone cyst on his left hind hock and limped through each day. His owner had tried a horse whisperer, a chiropractor and just about every other treatment possible – except Reiki. They had not gone for a ride for a very long time. During one of our early distance healing sessions I could hear gravel being kicked up. Then, I could see the horse raring back, ready to go for a ride. The two of them took off together riding like the wind. I could see it very clearly as I heard the wind and witnessed their deep love for each other. The owner smiled as they ran “like the wind,” which I also heard very clearly.

Here are some comments from the owner, who recently attended my Reiki Level I & II class. Her plan is to work with animals, as she feels this is her calling. “Jeff had been sending distance Reiki to my 22-year old horse Chex who led a very active life when he was younger. His lameness was in his left hind hock where he has a bone cyst. I have tried many things to try to help Chex mend, but Reiki has helped him the most. It was obvious Jeff and Chex had a bond from the distance treatments when they first met each other in person. Chex gave Jeff a lick as soon as he saw him and then let Jeff give him a full Reiki treatment. He gently moved his body closer to Jeff, as he helped guide him where to place his hands. We are planning on regular treatments to help Chex feel his best because there has been a significant shift since he started receiving Reiki.” Mardi R., Conifer, Colorado
(They went for a long ride shortly after the distance session mentioned earlier.)

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to help others. They help me more than they will ever know. Because of their willingness to heal, I am able to grow as we work together on a solution for whatever they might be dealing with. With Reiki, anything really is possible, and every treatment is as unique as the one being treated. If you or someone you know is experiencing any kind of pain, please give Reiki a try. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You have nothing to lose but the pain.

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