By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Yet, another drug commercial with almost endless side effects was just being advertised on television. The voice representing the drug company told me what this pill would do for me, as I watched happy, smiling people on the screen. But, there’s a major problem with this latest wonder drug… There were so many side effects I finally tuned the ad out completely, until I heard– “possible side effects could include death.” Well, that’s certainly a problem for anyone interested in using this drug for some relief.

Yesterday, I provided Reiki for a person who used to be in the medical business. For a number of reasons, she is no longer in that industry. We discussed what to expect from her treatment and the fact that Reiki can do no harm. She shared with me why she would no longer be following any standard medical advice for her condition. She still carried the emotional scars and anger from being mistreated by those who were supposed to help her. After just one distance Reiki treatment, the results were significant and she is feeling so much better.

Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui, called Reiki, “The miraculous medicine of all diseases.” As a Reiki Master, I firmly believe Reiki has no limits. From what I have experienced, I have no reason to believe otherwise. Reiki practitioners are not doctors and Reiki should not be a substitute for anyone’s diagnosed medical treatments. However, Reiki enhances any healing efforts and can actually expedite the entire process. I have seen it firsthand countless times. People who heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually are well on their way to wellness. It’s an amazing thing to see.

I watched Reiki give freedom to a woman who had been a prisoner of her own past – having been molested as a young child. She had first contacted me to treat her for a Migraine headache. Migraines flee when Reiki enters the scene. I have had the opportunity to treat a number of people with Migraines. When the devastation of such an all-consuming pain takes ahold of someone, they are sensitive to light. Yet, the brilliant light of Reiki chases the dark cloud of a Migraine away.

I have seen the Reiki glow on a person’s face after receiving the healing energy for chronic pain that made it difficult for them to even lie down on the treatment table. After just 20-30 minutes, the pain left and the person being treated was relieved, reenergized and ready to go. People have contacted me for relief from numerous injuries, broken bones, emotional scars and even Cancer. Reiki never disappoints as it goes exactly where it needs to go. It is indeed the miraculous medicine of all diseases.

Those who are as skeptical as I was before Reiki found me, may have a hard time believing how powerful Reiki really is. I understand their feelings as I once felt the same way. Thankfully, Reiki entered my life, then the pain left and my life transformed. Now, it’s my responsibility to share this amazing gift with others.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to discuss Reiki with a class of nursing students. These sharp, young minds understand the importance of being a healing presence, and their patients will be in very good hands. This week I will be meeting with a new group of nursing students and I couldn’t be happier. Everything expands,and my goal is to do everything I can to help Reiki expand as much as possible. It would be a disservice not to share this amazing gift with those who are on the front lines of healthcare.

Our world needs healing now more than ever. Again, everything expands – including negativity, ugliness and all of the other destructive messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Reiki always brings love and hope to any situation. Is there anyone alive who couldn’t use a little more love and hope in his or her life?

Reiki has no unhealthy side effects and can do no harm. Nobody ever died after receiving a Reiki treatment. Instead, they have discovered new life as the pain left, leaving room for new healing possibilities. The happy, smiling people I saw on the drug commercial are a good representation of what a Reiki recipient looks like after a treatment. The miraculous medicine of all diseases always delivers with truly amazing results.

You could use a little Reiki if…
You are in that dark place where pain thrives and you are in need of some relief…
You have accepted your pain as just the way things are going to be for you…
You are having a difficult time releasing old pain from years ago…
You cannot remember the last time you felt good…
Please give Reiki a try. Learn what others have learned. Invite Reiki into your life. You deserve it. God Bless & Be Well.


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