By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

We determine our lives. We have more power within ourselves than we can possibly imagine. While we have no control over what life can bring to us, we have the power to determine how we respond to every challenge, roadblock, setback and disappointment. We also have the power over our outlook, attitude, mindset and willingness to accept Life as we strive to improve ourselves and move forward. We gain strength as we overcome obstacles and enjoy our progress as we take what sometimes seems like baby steps. Baby steps or giant leaps – it doesn’t matter; as long as we move forward. That’s the universal law because nothing stands still or remains the same. The only constant is change.

All of us are Superman or Superwoman in one way or another. We don’t realize it until we tell someone a story about something that happened to us. We think nothing of it, but the person listening points out the obvious to us reminding us of how strong we really are. “You did what?” Yep, I guess I did. We acknowledge the comments and our strength. Suddenly, we feel stronger after receiving this kind of feedback. And, so it goes.

I have been blessed to work with some very strong women and men. Their strength humbles me and makes it an honor to work with such remarkable people. Reiki has taught me to listen differently. As a result, I’m a better listener. Rather than shouting out, “You did what?” I think it, marvel at it and focus my intentions on bringing their inner strength back into the light – where it rightfully belongs. I ask my clients to remember a time when they felt unstoppable, at their best and strong as strong can be. We all have at least one moment where we had this feeling. A former homeless woman’s recall of such a moment was different than the owner of an enormous and successful ranch. The sexual abuse survivor recalled a moment that was not at all similar to the other loving soul who had recently lost so much.

We all have different moments we can recall, and those moments are still inside of us. They haven’t gone anywhere. Sometimes, we just need to blow some dust off of them, shine ‘em up a little bit and put them back out on display. When we are hurting we have a hard time remembering when we felt strong. Reiki is a gentle reminder of how strong we are. It shines a light in the dark, so we can see better. Life is Life. Did I just say that? Yep, I guess I did.

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