By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

A good friend and spiritual advisor just texted me, “Clearing and claiming your space.” Yes! That’s it. That’s exactly what I’m doing. No wonder I’ve been so busy. Up until yesterday, I have always had another job for steady income, while I did Reiki on the side. “Hi. My name is Jeff Baird. I sell this that and the other thing. Tell me more about your sore back.” I always loved it when I would be able to give a customer Reiki on the side. But, I love it more now that it’s front and center, and not something on the side. It’s what I do – full time. Everything happens on its own time, and we have to be ready for what we dream about. Dreams can come true. I used to dream about days like today, thinking to myself, “I wonder what that would look like?” It looks pretty good. Tomorrow looks even better.

Big things happened today, even if their vastness is somehow lost in translation. I made a trip to the store specifically to pick up water, juice, granola bars, chocolates and mints for the basket and fridge in my Reiki office. I had gotten sloppy and let my munchie basket run dry. Some amazing healings have happened in this room. It needs to be well stocked for what’s to come. Prepare for the future. It will be here before you know it. I get to work in this amazing space, and then visit other places where healings are needed. This is my home base and I have been busy clearing and claiming my space. I’ve never been much of a fan of clutter. It gets in the way of efficiency when we want to move forward.

It’s a great exercise to go through when you clear and claim your space. Fill the waste basket. Fill it more than once. More than just a couple of times. Fill it. Clean your space. It feels great to work in a clean work area. Even if it gets dirty. The best work spaces do get dirty. But, then we clean them up and get them ready for the next challenge as we have already taken care of the old ones. Sweep away any unneeded clutter. Clear your space. Make it as comfortable for you as you possibly can. Then, claim it. Hold your ground. Stand up. Stand tall. Stand for what you believe in. Make a stand. Claim what is rightfully yours – your true self and your real purpose for being here. Own it! It’s yours. Listen closely to that voice inside of you. Pay attention to what you already know deep down. It’s an amazing ride when you follow your path. There’s something very gratifying about knowing that the trail you are making is being made by your footprints. You have to walk the walk.

Today, I got to spend quality time on the phone with one of my favorite clients, and we have only known each other since May.  It was so good to connect and not have to be concerned with other distractions. Texting has been our main form of communication. I wanted to hear her voice. We have only worked from a distance. Today, I got to hear about the results of our Reiki distance healing efforts. She used words like, centered, grounded, clear, strong, peaceful, calm, relaxed, productive, firm, focused and grateful. It is an honor to represent Reiki and hear stories like the ones I heard earlier today.

None of this would happen without the love and support from my wife. I knew when I heard her say, “He won’t be happy until he’s doing Reiki full time,” that it was a possibility. She is amazing, and she believes in me. She understands that this is the ultimate career move. The other ones were stepping stones to get me to this point. Now, is when the real work begins. We’re All In. We’re clearing and claiming our space.

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