By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Isn’t it amazing how we can connect with another soul on the other side of the world? Distance Reiki proved to me that we are indeed all connected. Like it or not – the good, the bad and the ugly, we’re all connected brothers and sisters. It’s true. I am able to sit in my mountain sunroom in Colorado and help someone in India, Canada, England, Ireland, 20 miles away from me or just in another room – it doesn’t matter. We are all connected regardless of where we live.

As a species, once the human race’s collective consciousness comes to an understanding of this fact, it will be a game changer for our world as we leave behind what no longer serves us well. It’s a basic Reiki principle. If something is not working and no longer serving you well, leave it behind. This is why people who receive Reiki from me always tell me that they feel so much lighter. With Reiki’s help we are better able to make positive changes and leave old bad habits behind.

There is A Healing Connection between a Reiki practitioner and a Reiki recipient. Healing is a team effort and a person’s willingness to receive the healing energy is so important. I have sent Reiki to situations too. My Dad was well into his 80’s when I started on my Reiki journey. There was no point in bringing it up for discussion. He had been through so much and he was a Man’s man – tougher than the rest in his younger years. He lived in Arizona and I started hearing great things from people who had received Reiki from a distance from me. I sent Reiki to the situation that my Dad was in. I had no expectations and was doing it out of love. I never expected to hear anything about it. But, just doing it made me feel better.

One Sunday afternoon I was on the phone with him. Right before we hung up, he said, “Hey. before I let you go… Those prayers or whatever it is that you’re sending down here, keep ’em coming! I thinks it’s helping!” I couldn’t believe my ears! A Father/Son connection is pretty strong! I have some other family members that I periodically send Reiki too as well. They always tell me things like, “I can feel it when you’re sending it.” We’re all connected.

My favorite Reiki class to teach is where I combine Levels I & II and share many other things I have learned along the way on my spiritual journey. This class gives students the opportunity to experience Reiki from a Distance so that they can witness for themselves how powerful this infinite healing energy really is. It has no limits. It always makes things better – always. And, it is something special to see when a student’s eyes light up – realizing that they are now a key member of the healing connection. There’s work to be done and the time is now.

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